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Disguised-Part Nine
Disguised-Part Nine

Disguised-Part Nine

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Indigo cortez's pov.)

Clover leans over placing her clothes in her dresser, folding them gently, and organizationally. "Do you need help?" I ask her, she smiles. "No but thank you for offering." I smile,"of course." I sit on the edge of her new bed, she sits beside me, and lays her head on my shoulder. I bite my lip so I don't pull away. "He will be back soon." I laugh,"I know."

"I am home," Aster's voice shouts, I jump up, and run into the living room to him. He smiles, wrapping his arms around me, and pressing a kiss to my forehead. "Hi," I chuckle at him. "Clover," He calls, she walks into the living room. "I got you the ice cream." Clover runs over and presses a kiss to his cheeck and grabs the bags from him. "Hand off my boyfriend," I say. "Boyfriend?"

I feel my cheecks heating up, Clover takes a seat on the couch, and begins to eat her ice cream watching us. Aster and I hadn't really thought about labels, even though I shared his bed, and we acted like we were a thing. "Um, sorry. It just slipped out." I pull away, walking into the kitchen. He follows me, lifting me up, and sitting me down on the counter.

"I like it,love. Nothing to be sorry for," I smile up at him, Clover leans against the wall watching us. "You are such a stalker," I yell at her, while Aster laughs. "You two are like a gay romance novel." She says, taking a big bite of her Mint ice cream. I laugh pressing a kiss to his lips and pulling him closer.

______________>>_____________________>> The Next Day(Because I am lazy)__________>>_________________>>

"Are you ready?" Aster asks, nervously. "Yes and so is Clover, the food is done, table sit, and everything sparkiling." I answer, he wraps me up in his arms. "Sorry, I am just nervous." He replies, I smile up at him. "Your parents cannot be worse than my dad," I say as a way to reassure him. He tucks a peice of strand hair behind my ear. "We have got this."

There is a gently knock at the door and Clover answers it, gesturing for Aster's parents to come in. Aster's mom, Jennifer, looks alot like him; ink black hair, freckles, a slightly crooked nose, and blue eyes. His father, Jeff, is practically a total opposite except the eyes; blond hair, light grey eyes, glasses, and beer belly.

"Please take a seat," Aster says, leading them into the kitchen. We all sit; Aster and I next to each other, Clover on his other side, and his parents across the table. "What have you called us here for son?" His father asks, taking a slow nervous bite of the tortellini. "This is Clover and my boyfriend Indigo." He says, clutching my hand underneath the table.

His mother freezes,"boyfriend?" I nod,"yes ma'am. Your son is an amazing person." She grins coldly,"yes I am aware. Why did you call us for that?" She questions, back rigidly straight. "Clover and Indigo are living with me now." He says, Jeff continues to eat.

"We do not support this," Jennifer says, getting up from the table. "You don't." Jeff says, taking yet another bite. "Who made this?" Clover shyly raises her hand. He smiles at her,"How old are you?" He asks, leaning forward. "Sixteen." He smiles,"when you graduate highschool, what do you want to do?" She beams,"Go to Culinary school." He grins,"I will pay for it if you come work at my resturant." She nods eagerly,"okay."

He turns to his son,"I will continue to pay for your college and house as long as you don't get into any trouble and invite me over regularly so I can have dinner with you three." He nods,"thank you." Aster clutches my hand and I kiss his cheeck. "You two are cute, goodbye son." With that he walks out following his wife's footsteps.

"Your dad is so cool." Clover says and we all laugh.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy.

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18 Feb, 2021
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