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Disguised-Part Seven
Disguised-Part Seven

Disguised-Part Seven

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Indigo Cortez's pov.)

I open my eyes, a sweet aroma feeling my nose, and I crawl out of Aster's bed. He stands with his back to me, a spatula in hand, and the noise of bacon cooking. He turns around,"morning sleepyhead." I grunt and take a seat at his kitchen table. "Morning,don't you have to go to work?" I ask, pulling my knees up to my chest, and wrapping my arms around them.

He hands me a steaming mug,"I don't drink coffee." I say, sliding it back to him. He chuckles,"I know, it is hot chocolate." I smile,"thank you." He nods and turns the bacon over. Soon, the food is done and we sit at the table not talking, just shoving our faces. "You are really good at cooking," I say as I pause to breath. "Thank you. I have to get a shower and head to work. Do you want to stay here?" I shake my head,"I need to go home," he looks like he is about to protest but nods instead.

I walk up the path to my house, hoping my dad dosen't remember anything from last night, but he sits on the couch. Eyes bloodshot, hands clenching a thick leather belt tight, and feet planted strickly on the ground ready to jump up any minute. I quietly shut the door, step in front of him, and standing there head down and waiting. He stands up and walks slowly towards me.

His fist connects with my face, my abdomen, my head, and my back. I fall to my knees breathing through the pain, clenching my teeth so no noise comes out, and laying there rigidly. "Take off your clothes," He commandes, body shaking I follow his command. "Good,"he says, I lay back down on the dirty floor. He takes the belt cracking it against every surface of my body, I bite my tongue.

I close my eyes as I feel a blade drag across my bare chest, over and over again. He moves down dragging the blade over my arms, over my thighs. My head begins to feel dizzy, my limbs heavy, the room buzzing with fuzzy white light, and my vision fading into darkness. "Fucking fag," He curses close to my ear, bringing me back.

I feel a single tear fall down my cheeck, my chest burning with pain. My body goes numb, I feel the heat of the cigarettes as they press to every peice of available skin except my face but I don't feel the pain. "Disgusting," he yells as he slams his fists and feet into me. I close my eyes, trying hard not to cry anymore.

"Fag, Pansy, Poofer" he repeats over and over again as he kicks, cuts, punches, and burns my body repeatedly. Eventually he gets tired and stumbles away to his room, it takes me awhile to get to my feet, and once I do I stumble to the bathroom. I turn the shower on and step inside. The numbness leaving my body, I hold onto the sides of the shower as blood, bits of skin, and dirt fall away and disappear down the drain.

No tears fall, the pain washes over me in waves, and I stand there in the cool water not making a sound. My arms are covered in cuts and burns, my back covered in burns, my legs covered in cuts, bruises, and burns. My chest and abdomen covered in cuts, bruises, and burns.

I have lost my control, I think as I crawl naked and bleeding into my bed, and down the half of the bottle.

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Lemon Drop
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14 Feb, 2021
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3 mins
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