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Disguised-Part Ten
Disguised-Part Ten

Disguised-Part Ten

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Aster Nile's pov.)

Clover and I sit on the sofa watching a rom-com movie, Indigo is in the shower. "Guys, I want to show you something." Indigo shouts, Clover pauses the movie. "Okay, baby. What is it?" I call back, he steps out of the bathroom, walks down the hall, and stands in the living room. The only thing he wears is a pair of boxers. Deep black burns, thin cuts, and gashes litter his entire body, not one inch of what I can see unbranded.

He stares down at the ground,I walk over to him, and wrap my arms around him. "You are so beautiful, the scars on your body tell your story. You are so amazing,love." He smiles against my neck,wrapping his small arms around my waist, and pulling me closer. "I told you rom-com," Clover mumbles from the couch. Indigo flips her off,"I am going to get one of your hoodies." He says, walking into our room.

I sit back down on the couch, he walks out in a pair of grey shorts, and my black hoodie that goes down to his mid-thigh. He sits down; his legs thrown over mine, head on my shoulder, fingers tangled with mine, and smile plastered on his face. "Are you ready for tommorrow?" I whisper into his hair, he nods. "As long as you are there." I smile, kissing his nose. "Of course."


Indigo's long hair is pulled up into a neat bun, he wears my blue sweater, and tight black jeans. His rainbow sneakers standing out as he walks over to the stand. "Indigo, is your name correct?" His lawyer questions, already knowing the answer. "Yes, ma'am." She smiles, he looks over at me. I smile and nod, Clover and all of our friends sit next to me.

"Please, Indigo could you take off your sweater." He looks over at me, I nod. "I object," says Mr.Cortez's atttorney. Judge Mathews smiles,"I will allow it but precede with caution." She instructs,Ms.Cabbot. She nods, Indigo lifts the sweater over his body, standing shirtless. Everyone in the court room stares,"please show everyone your back." He does as instructed. "How did you get these cuts, burns, and gashes all over your body?" She guestions, loudly so everyone can hear.

"The defendant. He burned me with his cigarrettes and his cigars, cut me with knives from the kitchen, beat me with his belt until chunks of my skin would fall away, and punched and kicked me." She smiles, tears in her eyes. "Thank you, you may put your sweater back on." He does so and sits back down.

"Your witness," she says, sitting knowing she has already won the case. "Indigo, when did this all start." Mr. Cortez's attorney questions. "When I was twelve, right after our mom passed away." He answera, keeping his eyes on me. I smile at him the whole time, not looking away. "Why didn't you ever speak up?" He looks away from me and glares into the lawyer's face. "He threatned to hurt my sister, no one hurts my sister." Clover smiles, squeezing my hand, and letting go.

"What did he say he would do to your sister?" Indigo stares at his father,"he said he would do what to her he did to me." The lawyer nods,"did your sister know?" Indigo shakes his head,"no one knew." I shake my head slightly,I knew. I knew. "Thats all." The lawyer says and sits back down.

"The defendant will be sentenced to life with no probation. All charges guilty; attempted murder, abuse, endangerment of a child, and substance abuse." The judge says, banging her gavel. Mr. Cortez is dragged away, head down. Indigo runs towards me, tackiling me in a hug. "Thank you." He says to Ms.Cabbot. She smiles,"you deserve justice and it was a privilge to get it for you."

Mr.Cortez's lawyer walks over, holding his hand out. Mrs. Cabbot shakes it,"Alexander." He smiles,"I am glad you got the son of a bitch." She smiles,"you are a good lawyer." He nods and walks away. We are half way down the stairs when the Judge catches up to us. "Congratalations. I am so glad to help bring you justice." She pulls us all into a hug.

"Have a nice happy life." She says, walking down the stairs.

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20 Feb, 2021
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