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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

These past several days seem to have a bit more air to breath and a little more room to move about.  These occurrences are most likely due to the fact that when I left her, she was smiling.  There is no object on this earth that gives more buoyancy then a smile from a beautiful girl.  A smile directed at you.  Instantly you are willing to leave home and traverse the oceans fueled by the possibilities which apparently abound from a simple smirk.  You don't know, maybe she just finds something amusing or silly, like the zit under your lip.  It doesn't  matter, your sent off into orbit.  This is the greasy stuff that makes life worth while. 
Whoa I've been napping on the front lawn now half the day since Jess left me in her approval.  I erect myself and brush dirt and grass from my jeans.  Apparently I have rem behavior disorder.  I grab my keys that were left strewn about with a few dollars and scraps of paper.   I reconfigure myself and walk on trying to remember every moment with her before I dozed off.  Luckily I am in the park, nobody sees me in my mild dismay.  Well an old couple is sitting close by peeling fruit and grubbing nuts.  I'm hungry now.  They wave at me.  I wave back. 
I head to Frey's Deli where my buddies work.  I order a whole Italian sub with extra hot peppers, grab a seltzer and plop down.  Dave and tommy deliver my sandwich by foot all the way from behind the counter.  "All right you guy's, what's up," I say.  Tommy say's, "what?  This is a full service establishment,"  "Yea right dude," I say.  Dave now, " guess who was just here?"  Dave and Tommy have smirks themselves accompanied with grins.  Dave can't hold it in, "Jess!  Aren't you guy's...ah...." " Yea,"  I say.  Tommy chimes in, " she's smoking dude, how'd you get her?"  Nothing like a little confidence booster from your boy's.   I say rather condescendingly, "you see Frey, you never really have someone,..."  Tommy, "you lucky bastard."  "Yea Skin what gives,"   Dave say's?"  I am perplexed,  " I don't know."  Dave glances at Tommy, " you believe this guy?"  He throws an order of fries on the table, "here, I sneezed on them, nobody wants them," he laughs.  I fake sneeze on them and begin munching.  The day now is perfect.  Then suddenly dressing oozes from my sopping wet hoagie onto my shirt, now it is perfect.


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11 Sep, 2014
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