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By cath

It was a few days before Christmas and my friends invited me to go to the beach. yet my mom did not allow me because of the bad weather. i got mad at her, i did not even listen to her, i packed my things in my back pack and i was all set to go with my friends. suddenly i saw my mom crying, at first i just ignored her because i really wanted to go, but when she come over me and kneel down, my heart seems to cry too especially when she told me that " All i want is to keep you away from any danger that's why i don't want you to go,please listen to me sometimes because i really love you and no body can ever replace it even you friends". i really want to cry that time, because it really hurts when you see your mom cries and kneel in front of you. after that event i just realized that all she want to do is to keep me safe, and it was the first and last time when i disobeyed my mom.

keep your mother as you true and real friend. for they are the only person who really cares you without any exchange. just love your mom fully and don't let her cry because of your will.

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12 May, 2011

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