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Liz sighed heavily as she sank herself wearily on a bench near the window side. It was raining heavily outside in heavy torrents, making her roof top sound like drums. The twirling and drizzling of the wind obstructing her melancholy thoughts, making it hard to concentrate.
Liz rested her head on the window frame, and sighed again, leaving a foggy print on the window glass, as the rain drooled slowly on the glass in a continuous loop.
It wasn't even up to five minutes since her boyfriend left for school, it was the one of the saddest moment of her life. She smiled slightly as the memory replayed in her head again, she remembered staring at him squarely in his eyes that morning, her eyes welled up with tears, and glistening as the morning's light shone on dully on them.
She remembered locking and intertwining her fingers with his, as they sat silently on a concrete bench, staring into oblivion, and not minding the strange and hurtful looks onlookers gave to them.
She winced at the memory, fresh tears threaten her eyes again. She coughed, spat out phlegm, and continued on her memory train.
It was windy and damp that morning, she remembered the look on his face, the look on his face that morning was undecided, like he wanted to stay, but had no option.
A rumbling thunder and the violent rattling of the door, brought Liz back to an ugly reality. She blinked, and warm salty tears rolled down her cheeks in a slow pace, and rested on her mouth. It tasted like "distance."
She didn't even notice she has been crying, she smiled awkwardly at her stupidity, got up from the chair, and walked in a slow rhythm out of the room.

Author Notes: Distance doesn't matter when you have each other at heart.

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12 Apr, 2018
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