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Distorted Tunes
Distorted Tunes

Distorted Tunes


The notes are echoing down the halls
Harsh crashes and deep booms
Riffs of a guitar fill the space in between
This isn't a peaceful melody by any means
Its filled with hate and rage
Every chord rings out in agony
The strings thankfully withstand the vigorous playing
But I wish it would stop now

Suddenly distorted vocals enter the fray
Not sure what they say but it couldn't be cheerful
They add a bit of weight to the angry melody
Any more and this could drown out the loudest of screams
Maybe this isn't so bad after all

The minutes turn to hours
The hours to years
I've listened to these artists for so long that they no longer surprise me
When they try to instill more anger in their lyrics it fails to shock
The crashes and booms seem mellow now
Even the guitar riffs can't get me to move to the beat

I'm not sure why their songs stopped eliciting emotion
Maybe its just the repitiveness of the tracks
They don't really try to mix it up much
But thats okay 'cause I like the predictability
Lets me zone out easily to focus on the tasks at hand

As I'm listening to their latest song I notice a shift
The bass is fading and the crashes are stopping
The guitar riffs are being replaced by a shriller noise
Something akin to the violin I guess
Its making me wonder where they're going with this
As the music crescendos I realize whats coming
I try to cover my ears before it hits
Alas, the bass comes back with a resonating thud
and then silence ensues

I think my neighbors called the police since they're now in my house
I'm too traumatized to speak much less recount the events that transpired
They give me a look of sympathy as they haul her away in cuffs
then toss a sheet over his body to prevent others from seeing the corpse
A few hours later CPS takes me away
They say they'll find me a better place to stay
Maybe the next artists will have happier melodies

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About The Author
About This Story
17 Sep, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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