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Diving Board
Diving Board
This story has some quality issues

Diving Board


Marvin is an athlete as a diver swimmer he is the most outstanding among the rest of the member

Though he is very good at it still there are lot issues he manages to ignore.

He has depression only he knows about it and try to hide it by keeping himself busy practicing swimming.

But one day his depression really got into his nerve and feeling like he wanted to just vanished into thin air.

Depression swallows all the sanity in him...

He feels misery shouldering all the pain and excruciating heart aches.

He was depressed over the fact that being a good swimmer makes him hate by his team mate and get bully.

Depress over his family always arguing about getting divorce.

Un happy of the satisfactory of his personality.

It’s already 8pm at night.

He just walk away from the entire problem he feels, not minding where he’s feet bring him.

He arrive to the where he always practice diving, he never know how on earth he gets there.

It was very dark cause the light turn off but seeing the tallest diving board he decides to go there, he manages to change swimming trunks and don’t bother if its dark , he like to be in pitch black like he’s soul feels now. He climbs the 10th feet diving board which is the highest diving board he manages to walk at the top of it.

He walks at the very edge of diving board and stands there and do the stunt he extend his hand.

While extending his both arms he caught himself staring his own shadow reflected by the moonlight outside the window.

He was so shock seeing the symbols made by his extending arm sign as CROSS.

He realize he forget about God because the depression he’s dealing now, but what he sees right now make him realize he have him in his heart for the very start.

After witnessing it he feels urges to kneel down and pray.

He prays for the guidance of God that whatever the decision in his life he will guide him and help throughout. He prays for his family that whatever might happens it won’t be shutter and keep steadfast.

He pray all he’s heart and God make him the center in his life.

After praying the lights turn on, and the gym was all engulf with light surrounds him.

He was so astonished on what he saw in the pool that makes him move backwards and make him feel pale he feel cringe on what he had sight.

The swimming pool is empty there is no water in the pool.

After witnessing it he felt relief that God guide him to the point he saves him from harm...

Author Notes: Moral lesson:

Whatever you deal in life you must consult God whatever your problems are.  Because he will guide to the path you deserve.


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About This Story
3 Feb, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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