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Do not dwell

Do not dwell

By Bean

Do you ever think about the good things about yourself or what youre grateful for? Now be honest i will before a couple weeks ago i didnt. This is what i thought about myself, Ugly, fat, stupid, attention whore, slut, never good enough, slut, etc etc. Do you wanna know what i was grateful for......nothing. thats how bad it was. I was such a debbie downer. I was never happy. i conteplated suicide ive written 8 notes in the past year and attempted 7 times. Ive cut since the 5th grade. listen i'll give you some advice tip # 1) Live life to the fullest #2) Be strong dont let people get you down #3 talk to people about your problems #4 dont trust everybody #5 have good infuences around you. #6 dont be taken in peer pressure. #7 dont dwell on the past #8 have fun #9 dont create drama #10 treat yourself how you treat other people #11 be grateful #12 live laugh love. See now ill tell you what i love about myself Im creative, a singer, pretty hair, skinny, small, lovely, intelligent, happy, shy , fun loving and a sweet heart. I'm grateful for my friends, family ,boyfriend, life,school,being born, having such amazing gifts being loved and having fun. see so smile smell the flowers walk on the beach do something i actually have hope for my future now and so should you.

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30 May, 2013
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