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Do or die

Do or die

By jazzyboy

Nuluu looked up at the extremely tall pillar towering 20 feet above her. It was strangely quiet since it was the middle of a war. The air was stale and the only light was from the morning sun peeking over the horizon. A light fog surrounded the battleground, covering up all the brave soilders that had fought to the death. A steady, cool breeze blew around causing Nuluu's caramel brown hair to sway to the side, uncovering the bloody wound on her right shoulder.rnrnSuddenly, the sound of metal boots crunching in the small rocks broke the silence. Startled, Nuluu drew her sword and spun around, facing the direction the sound was coming from. She peered into the fog and saw a female figure walking in her direction. She was dragging someone by his or her ancle. As she got closer, Nuluu recognized that it was her friend, Malinda. rnrn"Please," A voice begged in pain. Malinda kicked whoever she was dragging. "Shut up!" She yelled. Nuluu then noticed a bloody scratch on her friends left cheek, going down her neck and she was furious. Nuluu lowered her sword. "Oh boy." She thought. Turns out, Malinda had caught a Pindra that had scratched her face and pissed her off. Her victum was pleading her to let him go but Malinda kept a tight grip on his ancle.rnrnMalinda walked right passed Nuluu, still dragging the Pindra. He was tied at the wrists and ancles with strong chains that Malinda had put together herself. "Uh, Malinda? Who is that?" Nuluu asked. Malinda stopped and dropped the Pindra. "Oh, just Captian Banzo." Malinda said harshly. Banzo looked up at Malinda and pleaded one last time. "I'm sorry I'll-I'll to anything." Malinda transformed her right arm into a cannon and aimed it at Banzo. "Too late." were her last words before she fired. rnrnCaptian Banzo was dead.

If you liked this story please comment. This is just the fist page of an entire notebook of my story that hopefully will turn into a book. Thank you.rnrn(okay. I know what it says in the info but this story is FICTION.) Sorry about that.

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26 Feb, 2013
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