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Do what you will

Do what you will

By Bean

My parents always told me to be who i wanted but when i told them what i wanted to do they said i couldnt. I've always been a musical person music has just always been there for me. It was a pain reliever so when i told my family that i would like to be a singer they laughed saying do you know how hard that is plus youre to shy how about you pick something else i was persistent on this whole singer subject because i personally think i have a good voice but idk. Anyway i also told them i'd like tattoos because i wanna be all inked and peirced thats what my life interests are. They said you cant work at a high pay place with tattoos. Okay what do they not get i would like to be one of these things #1 a singer #2writer #3 a tattoo artist #4 a alternative model. What one of those things cares about tattoos none of them if i wanna sing let me sing if i wanna write let me write if i wanna give tats let me if i wanna model well goddamnit let me model. I hate when my family and people at school tell me that i cant do what my heart desires. You cant be a singer youre to shy you cant sing blah blah blah. You cant be a writer no one would buy your book whos gonna publish it youre only a child. You cant be a tattoo artist they dont make money thats stupid how unrealistic blah blah blah. You cant model youre to fat, short , weird ,awkward , you have too many peircings dumb nut i said alternative model just leave me alone. I can be who i want in life you cant tell me any different. Im me sabrina marie toscano forbes im weird awkward short a little chubby bisexual loves peircings but im in love with music i listen to music everyday all day there isnt a time when i dont like right now im listening to music im listening to sing by my chemical romance you see i dont just love music im in love with music if i could marry music i would now please to people who think that i cant do these things suck a dick and to those of you who get told you cant do things tell those people to show a dildo up there ass because they have no idea what there talking about be you love you and prove everyone wrong.

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31 May, 2013

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