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Do You Feel The Breath?

Do You Feel The Breath?

By WizardTheJi

Anna Marie was headless when they found her. 
Of course just like all the other victims she sat in her computer room, though quietly looking up job applications. The room was covered in blood as if intentional, and there was obviously no type of struggle. 
The officer shook his head, "Another sneaky murderer, creeping into houses. Whats the deal with this anyway?"
The detective looked at him and shrugged. "They said it was another one of those 'killing trends'"
"What do you mean?"
"Well you see, killers sometimes like to band together and make a sort of competition out of killing people, making our job harder." 
"What is the trend then John?" 
"Well you see, they like to lurk around people sitting at desk and sneak up behind them. But only when its dark there, and even better if the victim has headphones." 
The room suddenly seemed ominously quiet as John chuckled and leaned close to the cop, 
"And they stand right over them, watching what they're doing, and if you really look deep into it, they always catch the ones reading stories." 

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22 Dec, 2015
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<1 min
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