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Do You Remember When We Fell in Love?
Do You Remember When We Fell in Love?

Do You Remember When We Fell in Love?

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“Hey…” he whispered, tangling his fingers with hers as he held her close.
“Hm?” She replied.
“Remember when we first fell in love?” He asked quietly, continuously playing with her fingers. She chuckled softly and nodded.
“Of course. Best day of my life,” she stated.
“Remember how you tripped and spilled coffee everywhere?” He asked with a smile, watching her face.
“Oh god. It was a complete mess. Thank goodness you were there to help me. And your friends too!” She laughed.
He continued to watch her smiling face as it reddened slightly, laughing slightly at the cute reaction. He refused to let go of her hand, intwining his fingers in with hers.
“You were a mess too,” he commented. She playfully hit his chest and scoffed.
“Don’t remind me. Talk about a great first impression huh?” She said with another laugh. He liked seeing her happy and in her arms. This is how he always dreamt it would be. He let go of her hand and wrapped his arms around her instead. Taehyung pulled her close, tightening his grip around her. She snuggled close to him, close enough to hear his heartbeat and soft breathing.
“You’ll stay with me forever right?” He asked softly in her ear. She only nuzzled close, not letting any words slip from her lips.
“Please tell me you will stay,” he said.
Only silence replied. He closed his eyes, rested his head on hers, pulling her even closer. His arms were steadily holding her body against his. His large hands firm on her back as he cradled her.
That’s when he noticed.
His eyes fluttered open and looked down at the girl in his arms.
There wasn’t a heartbeat.
“Darling?” He whispered.
“Hm?” She replied softly.
“Are you still with me? You’re here right?” He asked, panic rising in his voice. He looked around. Everything was changing in front of his very eyes. His home was now swirling. He could not grip onto anything. His world was falling apart. His breathing accelerated. Sweat starting to form. Panic in his voice, he scanned the room.

He woke with a start. Immediately sitting up in his bed. Breathing fast, he immediately turned to the spot next to him only to be greeted by an empty spot. The blanket still perfectly made. His breathing has slowed, realizing it was a dream but the tears streaming down his face intensified. He was now faced with the reality that she was gone. Her picture still sat still on the nightstand, perfectly framed. Her smile was bright as his arms held her waist close to him. They were happy.
Memories flashed back to the night when he received the call. Not recognizing the number, he did not answer the call. A voicemail notification illuminated his screen instead. He set the phone aside and continued with practice. When it was time to leave, he grabbed his phone once more. Out of curiosity, he listened to it. He casually listened as he packed his things, but froze at her name. He continued to listen, no longer making any movements.
“I’m afraid she was in an accident. We did all we could. I am sorry to say she did not make it.”

Her life was cut short as a result of a reckless driver at the late hours of the night. He grabbed the picture and held it tight against his body as the tears continued to trickle down, dampening both the frame and the blanket that held him to the bed.
“Darling…” he whispered, trying his best to smile and stop his crying. “Do you remember when we first fell in love?”

Author Notes: May contain errors. Please rate. I have been MIA on this site for years and decided to write again. Any comments and suggestions are very much welcome! Constructive criticism wanted! :)

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22 Nov, 2017
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3 mins
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