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Do You See It Too?
Do You See It Too?

Do You See It Too?


It all started in a small town, everyone that lives there has a joyous and uncomplicated life, this is until one day when a tragic accident occurred that tore someone apart completely. Everyone in the street left their homes at the same time every day, like robots, this town was strangely perfect. One day a man named Wesley left his house just a few minutes early because he was angry, he just ended a fight with his wife before storming out the door, he kept driving, driving and driving some more as he did so his speed increased to 100mph. His conscience was no longer controlling him, this was about to take a turn for the worst…he abruptly turned the corner were he met another car, he heard the squeak of the breaks before he could feel nothing.

It was minutes later that Wesley's family were phoned and told the tragic news that he was gone, he has passed away after fighting in hospital. That night the whole family were torn apart and no one could sleep, he had one son and two daughters. That night his son Ron couldnt sleep so he got up, he went downstairs but then he hears something, there was a noise coming from his back garden. With a cautious eye he looked out and saw his father standing looking throught the sliding glass door with teras in his eyes. Ron began to shout for his family "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" he tore the door open and ran towards him standing on the patio, he put his arms and ran faster than ever with his arms out, he tried to hug him but he fell because there was no one there...

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18 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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