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Doll on a Shelf
Doll on a Shelf

Doll on a Shelf

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Let me fall apart,

I've spent years trying to hide my broken self,

Spent years perfecting my fake smile,

Like I was a doll on a pristine shelf,

I want to let go,

I don't want to be what everyone wants,

I want to be free to go with the flow,

I'm tired of fighting the stream,

It's cold,

And I've been stuck in a bad dream,

Let me fall off and break,

Let it be fast,

There's only so much I can take,

I'd rather that than keep up this act,

I never promised to be this person,

I was no part in a pact,

Let me be a mess,

Because the pain suffered by that

Is still far less,

I want to fall apart already,

Watching my mask melt slowly

Has burned and it's steady,

I want to be me,

Because I'm stuck on this shelf pretending,

But I just want to be free

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About This Story
28 Jun, 2020
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<1 min

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