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mattylibrawolfMatty LibraWolf

The sadistic life of a minor little toddler Dolly Powers that went through a traumatizing life of being abandoned from her parents. mysteriously she was kidnapped from a psychotic pedophile, while she was musically humming and dancing to lullabies in the forest, the child molester who had dumped her into a dark well, underground. She landed on an unexpected piano that was also inside the well. after that psycho Patrick Denver had committed that crime, he was on the wanted posters, falsely... with not a single resident knowing that Dolly was still alive!! while being trapped in the dark well, Dolly would play the music of the haunting lullabies, that were made from her... to instantly fear Patrick with revenge, she will be playing with fire, also will Patrick who is diagnosed with mental health conditions have severe nightmares on dolly wanting to haunt him. These recent nightmares became more of the intense mystery, dolly with black possession eyes, aggressively playing the piano, she had Patrick held as a hostage being tied up with ropes. Dolly repeatedly says his name in reverse, Tap! Tap! Tap! “Laughter would come along when dolly repeatedly saying tap, and aggressively tapping the keys on the piano. Dolly was not a minor after that, the child became a mysterious evil child to harm him with her musical lullabies. To being kidnapped from the forest, to now Dolly being underground in the well, Dolly excitingly got attached to playing the piano more and more, she was magically lucky to be alive ‘being saved from a piano, an emotional Patrick puts himself at high risks. “Spiritual voices from Dolly herself hesitating Patrick, on committing suicide. “Are you going to jump Patrick? Dolly began, giggling. “you’re a pussy, you got no balls.” Dolly had her eyes shut and tapping the piano keys at the same time, the nightmare showed of when she was abducted from Patrick, and when she survived landing onto the piano her eyes open wide awake, then constantly, she was energetic on still playing the lullabies on the piano. Dolly’s emotions were Joyful when humming to the lullabies when she was in the forest, now Dolly has numerous emotions while she was still at it on the piano. Mixed emotions of good and bad, it was still joyful, it also was, being energized, the addiction Dolly has never had a break with her piano, the show must go on. The bad emotions to harmfully target Patrick, angry because she was kidnapped from him,

Dolly has now become creepier in her nightmares she decided to hold Patrick as a hostage he was tied up with ropes. the point of view with Dolly and Patrick’s nightmares, features, mixed emotions with revenge. Suddenly until now it was not revenge Patrick has given up, he chose not to continue his life anymore… ‘did not ask for the help he needed, which Patrick is now at a high risk, on committing suicide. He jumped down into the well where he dumped Dolly, The Piano was moved where Patrick was about to land. -his body had snapped- even though Dolly spiritually moved the piano where Patrick landed, she was four centimeters close to Patrick, his blood splattered onto her. If it was ever on the local news even the newspapers it gets the residents interested. Numerous of years has flown, a teenage Dolly from being evil to her normal self again, alongside sitting next to Dolly’ is the deceased apparition form of Patrick, who has aged into a one-hundred-year-old, perverted apparition. Dolly continued her talent as her full-time career as a gifted musician pianist, she thinks smart that Patrick was not there, next to her, only spiritually as an imagination. He would rub his hand on Dolly’s thighs sexually. Then she began to hum along with the lullaby and playing the piano at the same time which caused Patrick’s Apparition to flee away.

During Dolly’s Lifetime was always being the pianist, in the afterlife... as she got old, she sadly passed away. mysteriously an unknown answer of how she passed, when she survived all that trauma occurrences, in her lifetime. Until now!! the humming lullabies and even the piano was playing mysteriously on its own.

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About The Author
Matty LibraWolf
About This Story
20 Jul, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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