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Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence.

By reachamongthestars

The girl peers out from behind a wall. The fact that she can hear every blasted word doesn't stir her. She's used to it. She hears that drunken bastard, her own father, shouting his deranged thoughts and swearing in his mad rage, beating and throwing his wife around.

At the thought of her mother, her eyes fill with tears. As she listens her mother's desperate cries, the girl uses those tears. She grabs a knife. She knows she is prepared to kill. Time to stand up for herself. She steps out from behind the wall, grabs her mother and uses the knife to deflect her father away. "That's right, who's the scaredy cat now?" she hisses as she sees the fear in HIS eyes, for once. His vulnerable look gives her a sudden boost of courage and she spits in his face.

Taking her crying mother with her, she slams the door shut and together, they run to the police station. Her mother does not say a word. There is silence between them as they step into the police station and it is there that the girl speaks out, for the first time.

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28 Mar, 2011
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