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Donation-Part Five
Donation-Part Five

Donation-Part Five

BookNerd123Lemon Drop
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(Calix Steven's pov.)

"Calix get off the counter." Aletris commands slapping me across the arm with a cucumber,Josh is in the backyard playing with the twins, and Sawyer is dicing celery. "You shouldn't help the enemy." I glare playfully over at him and he chuckles. "You have to get over it," I gasp, clutching my chest at his response. He walks over with his diced celery, dumbs it into the soup bowl, and kisses my cheeck.

Aletris hands me a knife and the cucumber,"slice it." i nod, hop off the counter, and slice the cucumber into thin chip-like peices. Orchid, Jasmine, and Josh open the back door and stumble in. "It smells good in here," Orchid comments, clinging to Sawyer's pant leg. "Up?" She asks, he smiles, and swings her onto his hip. "Thank you." She says, kissing his cheeck. He blushes,"keep your hands off my man." I say, tapping her shoulder, and she giggles.

Sawyer blushes even more, wrapping his arm around my waist, and pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. "Okay, lovelies. Time for food." Aletris says, pulling the rolls, baked potatoes, and garlic bread out of the oven. She turns the stove to low, so the Vegetable soup will not get cold. "Sawyer can you get soda and juice boxs out of the fridge?" He nods, retracts his arm, and sets Orchid gently on the floor. He moves over to the fridge, while I get bowls, and cups out of cabinets.

I put ice in each cup and pour everyones preferred drink into plastic cups, Sawyer helps Orchid and Jasmine fix their food, Aletris fixing her bowl, and Josh showing the girls where to sit at the table before fixing his own bowl. "I fixed your bowl,"Sawyer whispers to me as I pass out cups. We all take our seats and begin to eat.

"This is really good mommy," Jasmine says, taking a huge bite. "Thank you, slow down." Jasmine nods and does as her mother says. "Are you in school Sawyer?" Josh asks, taking a long sip from his cup. "Yes, I am studying to be a doctor." i smile up at him, he kisses my cheeck, and ruffles my hair. I slap his arm away but kiss his cheeck in return, he blushes and beams. "I bet thats hard." Aletris says, smiling over at us.

Aletris was studying to be a teacher when she found out she was pregnant, Josh proposed, she had the twins, but two months after they were born she called the engagment offf and never spoke of why. Aletris worked at a resturant part-time, babysat on the side, and took care of her children.

"At first it was but I have gotten used to it. I skipped seventh and eigth grade, I was thirteen and a freshman. I was sixteen when I graduated and started college as soon as I could." He smiles, clutching my hand under the table. "I am still in highschool, I do online classes at the library." I say, easing off the attention on him. He smiles down at me, kissing my hand in thanks.

"How about a movie?" Aletris asks, trying to ease the tension in the room, apparently realizing Sawyer was uncomfortable with all the attention on him. "Can we to mommy?" Orchid asks, Aletris shakes her head. "Not tonight dears, you are leaving with your father. " Jasmine nods,"lets go get our things, Orchid." They nod and trudge up the stairs. "I will see you in two days," Aletris nods,"I will call them tommorrow." He nods, walking into the living room, and waiting on the girls.

The twins giv evryone a hug and kiss before leaving, we clean the kitchen then settle on the sofa to watch a movie. Aletris picks a comedy she knows i love, we pull out the blankets. Aletris cuddles into the sofa, Sawyer pulls me into his chest, holding me tight against him.

Author Notes: Me:"How old would I be if I skipped seventh and eighth grade and went straight to high-school?"
Her:"Eighteen. Wait, that isn't right..." *confused expression*
Me and my sister.

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