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Donation-Part Four
Donation-Part Four

Donation-Part Four

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Sawyer Fincaid's pov.)

I knock nervously on his front door, Orchid answers it, and waves me in. "Uncle Calix is upstairs, mommy is in the kitchen talking to daddy. You can go upstairs if you want or you can go in the kitchen." I laugh and follow her into the kitchen. Jasmine sits in her moms lap, Aletris is sitting on the very edge of her chair, the twins father across from her.

"Hi, Aletris. I am here to pick your brother up for our date." She smiles,"he will be down any minute." I nod and lean against the fridge waiting. "You and Calix are dating?" The twins father asks, I nod. Not really wanting to have a conversation with this prick of a human being.

"I am Josh, Aletris's ex-fiance." I nod,"Sawyer. Aletris and Calix's new friend." Aletris smiles over at me,"can I get you something to drink?" I shake my head,"no thank you." Josh looks between us,"there he is now." I turn to see a blushing Calix walking towards the kitchen. His curly blond hair brushed out to a bushy curly blue and blond perfection falling on his forehead, a ring replacing the usual stud in his nose, sharp winged eyeliner making his deep blue eyes pop, freckles matching cutely with his hair and eyeliner. He wears a short sleeved v-neck showing of his lean arms and moth tatoo, black ripped skinny jeans showing off his busting curves, and black high-top converses. I look like shit compared to him; caramel coplection, stud earings, light green eyes, white-washed blue jeans, tight black tee-shirt, combat boots, and jean jacket.

"You look really nice," I say, trying to form coerent thoughts, he blushes. "So do you." I feel my ears heat up and chuckle nervously. "Don't keep him out to late," Aletris says, practically pushing us out the door. "Don't do anything I wouldn't," Calix yells back at his sister. She laughs and shuts the door behind us.

I open the door and help him into my car, then go over to my side, and buckle up. Pull out and drive the two miles to town. "Where are you taking me?" He asks,tilting his head to the side to investigate my face. I smirk,"who knows," I reply, he slaps my shoulder playfully. "Tell me." I shake my head,"then it won't be a surprise." He groans and crosses his legs turned towards me.

"Is it the movies?" I shake my head, almost laughing. "Is it a resturant?" I shake my head, laughing. "Do you really think I am that cliche?" He shakes his head,"I don't know. I have never been on a date before." I try and almost fail to keep my eyes on the road. "Really?" He blushes,"yes. Why so surprised?" I feel my face heat up. "Your gorgeus." He chuckles,"thank you. So are you."

i smile and pull into the busiling parking lot. "What is this place?" He asks as we get out of my car. "This is the fair. Have you ever been?" He shakes his head,"no. I usual study or help watch the twins." I grab his hand entertwing our fingers,"then lets have the night of our lives."


He smiles as he knock the bottles over, the lady smiles, and hands him a small stuffed koala bear. He hands it to me and I laugh but happily take it. "Thank you," He smiles and takes my hand dragging me over to the Zipper. The guy holds his hands out for our tickets I hand them over and we craw into the ride.

Buckling ourselves in, the door closes around us, and the ride shoots off catapulting us into the air. I feel my stomach freeze and jolt itself around. Calix clutches my hand,"I don't like this." He shouts over the buzzing noise. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him closer to me, and he closes his eyes tight. The ride stops and we clamber out uncomfortably.

We sit down and I rub his back as his stomach settles. "That was not fun. How about we just ride the slow rides?" I ask, pushing his hair out of his eyes. "It is getting dark, how about one more ride and then we can go?" He asks, laying his head n my shoulder. I nod,"how about the Roller Coaster?" He nods nervously,"it is a slow ride." I pull him into the short Roller Coaster line, in no time we are sitting in a cart, and slowly rising into the air.

"This was really fun," Calix says, looking out over the fair. "I am glad, sorry about the Zipper incident." He laughs,"it is fine." I clutch the Koala Bear tight to my chest, my stomach bubbiling with nerves. He looks over at me,"are you okay?" I nod,"um. I was going to ask you a question," He nods, telling me to go on. "Can I-um-kiss you?" He chuckles and my heart falls. "Yes," He answers. I lean forward, taking his face in my hands, and pressing my lips softly to his.

He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me closer and deeping the kiss. "Okay, lovebirds. Time to get off," the guys says. We pull apart blushing and stumbiling to our feet. Calix phone buzzes,"Aletris wants to know if you are staying for dinner?" I smile,"if you want me to." He types back a yes and pulls me to my car. I drive us back to his house.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy.

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18 Feb, 2021
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