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Don't go.

Don't go.

By Mystery

  • Almost breathless, on the slightly snow covered ground she lied there, I held her hand tightly, and so she did also, she was more beautiful than ever, her cheeks were rosy pink from the bits of snow falling from the heavenly purplish orange sky, her brunette straightened hair was almost fully covered with the thick snow making it so damp that her natural curls started blooming out from beneath, her smile had faded slowly then all at once, her deep sea blue eyes blended in with the white scenery making them pop, her skin began turning more pale making her look lifeless, she had hot, steamy tears run down her cheeks, then to her cheekbones, and onto her neck, she was so beautiful so natural without her makeup, her lips began to dry up like prunes begging for a drop of water, she felt her throat swell up like that time when she was 6 and got poison ivy on her leg, she was ready to pass onto another life, to adventure and find her brother so they could play together once again on the farm with mama and papa, yet, she was so young having so much energy in her, I wondered why now, as I was holding her in my slightly numb arms, watching her soul get drained out of her body with tears streaming down my red flushed cheeks, she let out her last breath and let go of my hand slowly, her last heartbeat came, I screamed out to the sky and asked for god with pain in my voice, I asked him to bring back the only person who knew me so very well, I asked him to bring back the person who knew everything about me, the only person who I shared every secret with, the only person I truly had, I screamed at him yelling it “wasn’t fair” repeatedly until my voice gave in, I knew it was time to let her go so I looked up at the sky and asked god to take her soul someplace nice, someplace she would never have to suffer again, someplace she would be happy, I looked at her glowing mask and raised my hand to her face so I could close her lifeless eyes that matched the bluest sea there was, and said goodbye my love “you’ll always have my heart”.

Author Notes: With all mi corazon.

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28 Aug, 2018
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1 min
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