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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

By smiles105

Everything is never as it really seems. A family potrait for instince, a mother smiling; but in reality struggleing to keep her marriage alive. The father, secretly seeing the woman next door. The boy, struggleing with his sexuality. The older girl, who is being tormanted at school everyday of her life and binges because someone wrote fat ass all over her locker. Then you have the little girl, with a beautiful heart shaped face and bright blue eyes; just stareing and dreaming about what her life will be like. Nobody notices anything, looking at the apparently "perfect" family on the outside. All reality their lifes are nightmares. The mom gives up eventually. The father leaves the mom, and the woman next door; last I heard he was living in Chigaco. The boy, came out of the closet and was teased so much; that he left. Nobody even knows where he went to. The older girl was found hanging in her closet by a scarf with open pill bottles lieing under her feet, and a bible clutched in her hand. The little girl however, was put into foster care and made something of herself in life; not even looking back to that family portrait. That was her life. After all, nothing is as it seems.

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26 Dec, 2011
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