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Don't Let Negative Thoughts Win

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Win

By Dona - 1 Review

Sometimes I don’t understand why people are very negative in life? I've been there too. There are times that I wasn't thinking right. My mind loads heavy with all the simple things that worries me that sometimes never happened in real life. I gradually manage to calm my mind and myself for the things I can’t control in my life.

I didn’t know how I manage myself to be calm and offer to the Lord everything that burdens me. But I know sometimes I get scared. There will be days and moments that I feel like drowning and losing my hope for something that worries me so much.

Now, I understand that life is a series of problems, I must learn to accept each series endure the pain that would cause me. Then get back up and fought back. Because at the end of the day life must go on. You will wake up next morning for the new opportunity and life. Embrace that life and grow.

I know someone who keeps discouraging other and kill their joy because I guess she don't belive in miracle? Sometimes it's toxic to have that kind of person around. They will extend their negativity to other people that sorround them.

I may not know the source of their bitterness but one thing for sure. Their not happy on where they stand in their life right now.

We should understand this kind of person. Don’t argue with them. It will only cost your time and energy.
Sometimes we have to keep things to ourselves. Our dreams, plans and the things we want to do to improve ourselves better. Because most of the people aren't happy for the little things we achieved.

So please, don't be that person who ruins others dream and happiness through despicable word. If you don't believe they can't. Atleast don't say a thing. Just be quite and do your own thing.

Author Notes: Please don't let negativity in this world ruin your personality and ruin other peoples dream. Can we just support each other and be happy for their progress?

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21 Apr, 2022
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