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Don't Stress Planning
Don't Stress Planning

Don't Stress Planning


I plan
plan fails
I'll pick up the pieces
Stick them back together
a feather slips in a crack
I'll watch as that plan breaks again

Why do I need to plan?
Be freaking OCD about every detail
Why should I care if that plan derails?
Its life. Stuff goes wrong and fails
carry on
its not new

Hey don't get me wrong I've strung together a couple blueprints
Examples are
Latte got spilt on the first
Pigeon flew off with another
Paper shredder eradicated that one
Last one got hit by shrapnel
Sorry I can't find any of these shoddy strategies for you

I'm not a tactician
But I'm efficient
and unorthodox
I fly by the seat of my pants
get off my case it works
Take this pen and write out my plans


Well thats a great start
Issue there is no one can accept that
I guess its like handing a sack of starch to someone and saying
"Hey, heres this bag of flour
make something from scratch will ya?
I'll fill you in on the specifics when they surface.
Last minute notification sound good?"

Why do people go balistic over needing directions?
A drawn out diagram of every action
Throw a wrench in the plan and watch the fireworks explode

Seriously can't you play it by ear
adjust to each issue as it pops up
you screw up adapt
and hack out a new solution

you think inventions were planned?
That Isaac Newton thought
"If an apple hits my cranium this afternoon,
then I'll be a braniac and make three laws of physics."
Or that Watt sat and steamed over how to make a locomotive's engine?

Invetions aren't planned
That spark ingniting these ideas
isn't plotted
You try to cultivate the same ember through planning
and all you'll get is a smoldering glow

Let go of control
Leave some things to chance
You won't know what'll happen
Until you release the reins
And roll with the flow

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About This Story
23 Jun, 2018
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1 min
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