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Don’t Turn Away That Fast
Don’t Turn Away That Fast

Don’t Turn Away That Fast


There I was -

sitting and staring into nothing

minding my business of sadness somewhere deep

waiting for a cup of tea

which takes forever in my hospital canteen

Same monotonous routine on my screen

If you think about it - my life isn’t fancy or serene

My grief was cradling me

Right when he walks in

looking all so pulled together

Tall in his apron white and shirt cream

He turned his eyes to front right the second mine found his

Damn! why did he have to turn away that fast

If only now I could tell that to him

For couple of seconds he stood by the threshold blocking my view of nothing

My eyes stare at his figure

there’s something about him

which makes watching him so peaceful

He walked away clearing my view of nothing

My pathos tries to pull me back again

But my heart smiled foolishly and highly so unnecessarily

My mind refused to give in

I remember smiling from ear to ear

what an effect he has on me

His sight alone melted my heavy thoughts

Not even knowing what he does to me

He must had got occupied in his dream

And I , on the other hand, kept blushing thinking of him

I can’t help but wonder - why did I not come across him when my heart was happy with no chaos

Wish I had though, for then I would have closed the distance in between

And would have asked him to be mine

He makes my brain shift and heart flip and leaves me with not much voice

I’m glad that it was him who had walked into our evening class

Or how else would I have come across him

Somewhere far far away

Perhaps there’s this world

where I’m insanely happy

and he wants me to be his girl

where he reads my words and for a change, I make him blush

where he thinks of me fondly

and I - I make his heart go bigger

Author Notes: Who would have thought that even ‘crushes’ can chase away your nightmares
Well, mine does replacing it with happy thoughts.

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About This Story
24 Jul, 2019
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1 min
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