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By acosange

A symbol that would best represent my life would be a rose. The rose is something that many people admire, it is fragile but yet again it has those thorns that protects it. I am fragile and sensitive to things, but then again, I have that protective side of me, the thorns. The rose has beauty on the outside, but it can break. The petals can fall off due to trauma it has experienced; such as storms, people pulling the petals off, and simply because it’s just time to let those petals go. The storms symbolize the challenges I have to face. Those challenges are called challenges for a reason; because they’re hard to get through and sometimes after those challenges, a part of me is broken off, much like the petals. For the people pulling off the petals, that is symbolizing the people who have hurt me in my life. The people who take my kindness for advantage are those who tear my petals off. They are the ones who hurt me. Those people are the kind of people who do not care if what they do hurts, all they care about is how it makes them feel. Because they enjoy pulling my petals. Also, in life, there will be things that you go through that you have to let go. The rose lets go of its petals, even if it hurts them. The rose does this because it knows that it’s time to let that petal go. The rose knows that it will only lead to better things and it knows that the petal can grow back. For me, I know that I have to let my petals go, even if I don’t want to. I may want to hold on tight onto that petal because I’m scared to forgive and forget but then again I know that I will only benefit from letting that petal go.

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4 May, 2015
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