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Don't You Worry!

Don't You Worry!

By Roosie131

Me and my friend Sabrina were watching TV at my house one night. We both got super bored so we stared at my glass window, and we just stared and stared. Eventually she suggested that I go make a snack, and I said "Um ok?" and I went to fetch the doritos. When I came back, Sabrina was still there, staring at the window with her eyes as wide as saucers and her mouth wide open. I turned my head to see a man with a dark suit, black shades, and a brown suitcase. We both looked at each other and then ran up the stairs (I was still holding the unopened bag of doritos) We went into my trap door in my room and remembered to put the carpet back on it. We ran across the secret room to the other trap door that looked like a piece of the floor when you shut it. We head in that one and huddled in the corner. I opened the bag of chips, but no one ate anything so that the man didn't hear us.I took out my cell phone and dialed 911. We heard the door bust down, and then we heard footsteps up the stairs. I whispered my address and my reason for calling the number. When we heard the first trap door open. Immediatly I whispered he was about to catch us and that come as soon as possible, and I hung up. Footsteps click-clacked the upper floor as it opened the trap door we were in. Sabrina whimpered and I screamed. "Ok, be quiet, no screaming, I won't kill you as long as you shut up. Now get out and hand me that bag of doritos." The man said. We handed him the bag and he chomped down on several. We walked up and saw another man holding a gun. We nodded at him and sat on my bed. The man without the gun nodded at the other man and they both fired their guns (I guess the man without the gun had one :P) One shot Sabrina and she fell to the floor. Blood was everywhere. I fell to the floor, grabbed a big handful of Sabrina's blood, and smeared it all over me. I pretended I was dead too. The men ran out, and right then, the ambulance came. They came to late. Sabrina was dead and I on the other hand, lived. Sometimes I feel it's my fault for Sabrina's death.

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About This Story
3 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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