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dosent he remember?

dosent he remember?

By angel

"Mom!!!!!" yelled the 12 year old girl with worry in her voice. Her mom quickly ran into the room "what?!?!" she screamed looking at her daughter with dirty hands beacuse she had just started to cook. Her daughter points to the TV something had just happend it would change her life forever. "As we see a horribel accsident haveing to do with two cars and a drunck driver" says the reporter as she looks back at the seen the girl sees the news its her father all coverd in blood and looking as if he was beetin. The mother cant tack her eyes off of the TV as well as her daughter "Okay we are sorry to say but the drunk driver has died but the remaining driver is tacken to the hospitel" the reporter says with sorrow in her voice the girl sees her dad being tacken away by and ambulance.

"Come on lets go!!!!" the mother says as she runs to the door with her daughter close behind. It took only a few minutes to get to the hospitel as soon as they arived the girl was looking around hopeing to see her dad. "Sorry maam your going to have to wait" the nurse tells the mother "NO!! i cant wait my husband is almost dead and your telling me to wait?!?!?" she yells but the mother has to go with it until its okay. It's visiting time and so far the father is fine and alive they find out where the room is and go in "DAD!!!!!" she yells as they enter the room and he waches them he looks so confused. She runs up to the bed "hi daddy!!!" she says so exited to see him alive "ummm hi? ........................ who exactly are you?" says the dad the girls eyes widen and tears begin to fill them as do the mothers as she hears them.

"Dad its me your daughter" she says with a horribel feeling in her stomach she turns to her mother "dosent he remember???" she says she looks back at her father and he says "I have a daughter?" with a very confused voice the girl begins to cry so hard and falls to the floor on her knees the mother gets down to help her. He looks down and says "I dont remember anything I dont even remember my name" visiting time is over and the docters come in to get the daughter and mother to leave she sees the docters "come on its time to go" says the docter "no" says the girl she gets her fathers arm and looks at him and says "I love you" she wants to hug him but he says " I dont remember you im sorry" she runs out of the room crying with her mother chaseing after her. The girl was never seen again some say she died from a brocken heart but others say shes waiting for her father to remember her.

Always love

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13 Feb, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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