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Down to Earth
Down to Earth

Down to Earth

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Found on Earth

Aground on Earth

Bound to Earth --

World of birth

World of worth?

Why my birth

On this Earth?

A bandit planet

A manic planet

Planet of panic

Need some bandage --

Somehow I fell

Into a Hell

A special Hell

For a spell --

The Milky Way

Where I stay

So far away

From the home

Where I belong

This feels wrong

I feel alone --

Low on chances

How many chances

Will be granted?

To be candid

I feel stranded

Hopelessly abandoned

Even empty-handed --

Day to day

(As they say)

A fated castaway --

Must break away

To brighter day

Light of day --

My feet planted

On this planet

Marked and branded

Was it random?

Is it phantom?

Here I landed

Why here landed?

God planned it --

A new understanding

Consciousness expanded

A better handle

A brighter candle --

Down to Earth?

Up to North

North of Earth --

I stand up

And look up

For backup --

Help is up.

© Matt Decker

Author Notes: A prequel to my poem "Woke"

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Matt Decker
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21 Dec, 2018
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