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Dragon War: The Rise of a New Leader Ch. 2

Dragon War: The Rise of a New Leader Ch. 2

By xxtigerlovexx

When we got back to camp, all eyes turned to us as if they were hawks watching their prey. Dasa went to go tell Suno our report. Rego had Firo go and set up the bedding. Then he sent me with the girl over to the Trona to get looked at.
“Eaglo, can you look at this young girl” I asked as I motioned to the girl.
“Hold on” replied a deep voice. Then a large, brown dragon appeared.
“Okay, let me see her” ordered Eaglo. He lumbered over to the girl and sniffed all around her.
“She has a gash on her arm, but I’ll take care of it. Just leave her to me” Eaglo said.
“Kay” I answered and walked out.
“Let us dragons of the Tribe join here beneath the Ledge of the Leaders for a tribe gathering” said a golden dragon. His voice rang out and echoed off the walls of the cave. Then all the dragons poured out of the newly constructed dens into the clearing. The dragon waited for everyone to come.
“Today, Draca, Firo and their mentors, Dasa and Rego found an unexpected surprise.” The dragon said as he nodded towards the girl.
“Suno, what do you mean?” squeaked a white nim.
“Icela, I mean that a young, human girl was found and she is in our presence” answered Suno. Murmurs arose throughout the tribe.
“What if she’s a spy?”
“My hatchlings could be in danger!”
“She could persuade Ismo to attack us again.”
“We should kill her!”
“Now everyone, settle down, I have decided two things. One, She must be given a name; she shall be known as Golda. Two, she will help Eaglo in the Trona” replied Suno. Then, the gathering broke up into small groups. I went over to Eaglo’s den to see how Golda was doing.

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23 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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