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Dragon War: The Rise of a New Leader Prolouge and Ch.

Dragon War: The Rise of a New Leader Prolouge and Ch.

By xxtigerlovexx


“Moona, can you tell us a story?” asked a young dragon.
“I don’t know whether or not your mothers will let me tell you my story,” I said.
“Please, can you tell us,” pleaded one of the nims.
“When you’re older” said a voice. I looked up to see my mate, Firone, as he rounded up the little ones and led them back to their mothers. A minute later, Firone came back.
“Well Moona, the apprentices want you,” said Firone.
“Well, let’s go see what they want” I said wearily.
“Tired” he said sarcastically.
“You would not believe how tired I am,” I said as we walked over to the apprentices.
“Can you tell us about when you were young” asked an apprentice when we got there. "Why does everyone want to hear a story" I wondered.
“Ok, fine” I said gently.
“Hey Moona, what are you doing?” I turned around and saw my two friends, Tyro and Kina.
“I’m telling these apprentices about our adventure” I replied.
“We’ll help too” said Tyro.
“Okay, but I start the story...”
"The history of our tribe is a long one. It all started when four groups of dragons combined into one and there was peace for thousands of years. Then Bigbutt family line began with Hino Bigbutt. He never really caused problems. Then his son was born. When Hino died, his son took the throne and started to raid us. His name: Ismo Bigbutt…and he is our archenemy…"


It all began one dives. Evil men attacked my tribe’s cave. I was only six minos old and was an apprentice. My path to dragohood was starting when the men attacked. I watched in horror as my fellow tribe mates were captured and taken away. Then I saw a man kill my mother. Right then I saw my mother’s killer. It was Ismo, himself, with his sword covered in my mother’s blood.
“How could you?!” I roared. Something lit inside of me. A spark of hatred gave me the strength of ten full-grown dragons, and I charged. Then my mentor, Dasa, stopped me and growled
“You are not battle ready, go to the Hinus and stay with the Kitnoes.” I glared at my mentor and stormed away from her. When I got to the Hinus, one of the Kitnoes sent me to keep the eggs warm while the other Kitnoes fought to keep us safe. Then they stopped; Bigbut’s army had left.
“I’m glad that’s over,” replied one of the Kitnoes, and she sent us to help rebuild our dens. I saw all the destruction the evil humans had created. Most of the dens had collapsed, the bedding all over the place, and the only dens standing were the Hinus, the Leado, and the Trona. I went over to my dead mother and mourned for her. I knew I would miss the sound of her voice and feel the warmth her body gave off.
“Draca, stop stalling, go and help other apprentices rebuild your den” ordered Dasa. I groaned and went over to the den.
“I can’t believe Ismo attacked us. We have been living peacefully alongside the humans for thousands centies. He just still didn’t need to kill my mother,” I said with traces of sadness and anger in my voice.
“Well I understand that you’re mad at Ismo, but your fretting like a Yeti,” said my best friend, Firo.
“I know, but he still didn’t need to kill my mother” I mumbled angrily.
“Okay, put that tree there, and that tree right there. Now put rocks on the brace and make sure there are no holes” ordered Gronos.
“Stop being a bossyscale, Gronos, we know what to do,” said Starlas.
“Okay guys, we’re done,” announced Dearlos.
“We are?” asked Firo.
“Yah, while you guys were yapping, we finished, the roof, now we need to do our nests” replied Starlas.
“You want to see if we can collect bedding?” I asked.
“Sure” Firo replied. We went over to ask our mentors.
“We are going to go with you, because who knows, Ismo’s men might still be out there,” said Firo’s mentor, Rego. When we left the cave, we went to the best place to collect bedding. When we got there, we started to gather bundles of moss, ferns, and feathers. Then I heard something.
“Crack!” I looked behind me and saw a shadow. I dropped my bundles and went to investigate. I pulled the vines back and saw a young girl. She was wearing a tattered dress.
“Wh… wh… what are you g…going to…to do to me?” the girl asked in a terrified voice.
“Nothing for right now, just wait here,” I ordered. I went over to get Dasa.
“Dasa, Firo, Rego, come look at what I found.” They dropped their bundles and came bounding over.
“I don’t know who she is, but I found her behind some vines” I said and nodded toward the girl.
“What are we going to do with her?” growled Rego.
“First, we are going to take her to Suno” Dasa retorted.
“Get onto my back” said Firo. The girl got on to my friends back. We grabbed our bundles of bedding and went back to our camp.

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23 Nov, 2011
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4 mins
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