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A dream
A dream

A dream


I watched as someone walked past my window they seemed nice. So I waved at them they turned to me and looked back at the ground they didn't seem happy. And then they opened their mouth to talk as they stopped walking. [stranger] What do you want kid? I was about to say something until I noticed something. [me] Are you okay..? I asked they looked at me again but this time they had Deep dark eyes and very sharp teeth. I blinked a few times and they were gone. I couldn't believe what I have just seen I moved back from my window a few times and looked around my room. I looked back at the window to see the same person staring at me from the window as they screamed LET ME IN my eyes widened as the window cracked as they screamed the same thing over and over again LET ME IN. Then the window fully cracked and they jumped in I ran out my bedroom door as fast as I could as they chased me until I tripped and fell down I turned around to see nobody behind me so I fastly get up in shock. [me] h-HELLO anybody there..? Nobody answered. so left my house and as soon as I walk out the front door I bump into someone it was the same person I screamed as I got dizzy And then I wake up in my bed I get up as I look at the window it wasn't cracked I blinked a few times it still wasn't cracked so I went back to sleep As my dream began again.

Author Notes: Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed See you in the next story I make OuO

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2 Dec, 2021
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