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Dream and Love

Dream and Love

By Jiang

A boy and a girl were classmates when they were in High School, they were always get together to read books, go shopping and watch movies. At last, they became lover.

One day, the boy received an admission letter from the Sydney University. At the same time, the girl got the admission letter from Robert Schuman University in France. They phoned each other and decided to tell the good news in a restaurant.

In the restaurant, the boy was so excited to tell the girl the good news and hoped the girl to go to the Sydney with him. Meanwhile, the girl was shocked. Indeed, she wanted to tell the boy she would go to the France to make her dream come true. However, when she saw the boy’s face, she chose to keep silence.

When the girl got home, she lay in the bed and started to think about the matter. Go to the France to achieve her goals? Or go to the Sydney with her boyfriend? On one side, she wanted to go to France to learn the design, because it was her dream to be a fantastic designer. On the other hand, she wanted to stay with her boyfriend.

After serious consideration, the girl decided to tell the boy that she could not go to Sydney with him. When the boy heard the news, he felt so disappointed and rushed out of the door. The girl also felt so sad, but she did not want to live up to her parents’ expectation. While the girl was going to leave the restaurant, she sent a message to the boy. It said that: sorry, forgive me! After received the messages from the girl, the boy turned around to find the girl and told that he would wait for her in Australia. In the end, they sat in the restaurant to enjoy the drink. The girl told the boy that when she finished her studies, she would come to Australia to find him.

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23 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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