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Dream city

Dream city


A small shanty hut in Purnia, Sahar a poor man, intelligent and cunning, lived there. The village’s status was totally in pathetic condition; his parent inspired him to decorate his life with the vivid elements of knowledge. He got admission in a school of his village; the teaching was not in well manner, passed five years and transferred to Delhi school for higher study.

In every exam he got outstanding marks, the collage’s authority decided to take all his spent on their shoulders, so scholarship and free education began to provide him hastily. His sharpen mind made him great, in every field the success touched his smooth feet and opportunity knocked the door of victory. Having graduation, he returned to his village and lived there for one week only, came back to Delhi requesting his teachers and school’s authorities to cooperate in making his village great and smart.

Committee members of school advised him to complete his BA course in sociology then Master of Social Work (MSW) course with fully concentrations. After his successful, informing teachers and school authorities, turned his gladly face toward his unripe village. He reached there and tried well to implement his ideologies. First of all he invited the villagers in his home and gave them a great party with different foods along with fruits salad, cooked by Delhi specialist bakes; they liked it and appreciated him.

What happened next?, it is very interesting, with laptop he knocked the doors of houses and showed them motivational videos individually and fully members of houses inspiring them to accept him what he wants to do for them and cooperate in all attempts. At last the villagers gathered in front of his house and raised the slogan “we want over village a new developed smart one”, “Change our village in a city” and villagers seem very energetic, at that time seeing a golden opportunity, he showed them, in a big projector, motivational video, on how to support a person who wants to change something new and bring new project. Moreover the projector was used first time in that village so they were fully inspired by him.

He humbly requested villagers to send their children to him for gaining education. He began to teach from primary, Lkg, Ukg and nursery to +2. The graduated students were sent to Delhi high school and complete their course what Sahar did. After years, the villagers seem happy and jolly due to their children’s bright life and future. Their children requested Sahar to change village totally. Sahar accepted them and started road to repair, school to rebuilt, farm to reuse with various techniques, cow- dung house into concrete to construct, official dress to wear, toilet to have in private not for all i.e. in farms or road sides and all old fashion to new fashion.

This village converted into a prestigious city. Nowadays all facilities are available, if any merchant upset from getting aims by any corner of the world he returned his face to this city frankly, they titled it as the “city of wills” and “city of knowledge” due to its literacy. Sahar invited Indian prime minister and educational minister to visit his smart city. Prime minister visited and commented “it is an innovative ideal and model for all Indian villages” and educational minister quoted “we are proud of Sahar that he changed his village to a city and inspired the people to acquire education because it is the main weapon to conquer the wishes and wills”.

At the end, both ministers planned to make a university in this city. After one year, keeping the promise, built a big university and its educational system stunned the fellows. The, miracle is that not only the Indian but the foreigners used to come here to pick the drop of knowledge and to meet Sahar. In additionally Sahar appointed as the principal of this prestigious university and the rests were lectures, they made their series of student’s brilliants, and urged to focus on social works specially.

Author Notes: really amazing and innovative.

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30 Mar, 2019
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3 mins
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