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As they're running, it feels like forever, they're running from something... They don't know what, it's like they were just born running for miles... As they run, the sky goes dark, and their vision goes black. They wake up in bed and grip on the blanket, they look around and say to themself...

"W-What?.. Another weird dream. Again..."

They shook it off and lay back down, their eyes shut soon as they hit the pillow... They wake up in the middle of the night, but this time up in a baby crib, they reach out their hands to see baby hands replacing them, as they do, women and a man walk in, the couple both come in with a grin while holding a cupcake with a candle shown as the number '1'. As the couple comes over, they are seen to both have black hair, smooth skin, and seem friendly. The woman then says softly in a grin while holding the cupcake in her hands...

"Happy birthday... My sweet angel.."

As she says so, in 1 blink of an eye, the couple's faces disappear, the whole room pitch black, only glows of red appears at the opened door. As this happens, their eyes shut, and they wake up again... But this time, they woke up in the shower, they feel the warmth of the shower water run down their body, making it very relaxing, they then hear the bathroom sink turn on, and is startled, they slowly open the curtain, but the bathroom door is shut. Locked, they look at the bathroom sink, turned on, and is running warm water, they slowly get out of the shower and walk over to the sink and turn it off, as they do, they get back in the shower to continue what they are doing. But seconds later, it turns on again, they then say to themself...

"Ugh... Do I have a plumbing problem..?"

They yank the shower curtain open and is frightened to see a male face looking back at them, the male faces eyes are pitch black, the male is smiling from ear to ear, the male's face doesn't have a body they see, they only see its long neck coming from out of the mirror, as they see this terrifying stunt, everything goes black, and they wake up in a room that looks like an experimenting room or science room, terrified from what they saw, as they do, the scientists look at them, their faces go pale, then the scientists leave the room to discuss something.

As the scientists leave, they then get up from off of the bed, they look in the glass of some experiment cups to see that their all covered up with bandages, only their eyes show, their vision is bad, but their hearing is a bit okay, they limp out of the room, and goes to the room where the doctors and nurses went to hear what they're saying and are shocked when they say...

"How are they alive... Their insides are gone..."

As the scientists say so, shocked as they can be, they unwrap the bandages on themselves to see a skeleton.


Author Notes: Tell me how I did for a first-time story in English, 곧 봐요!

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19 Jan, 2022
Read Time
2 mins
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