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Dreaming My Life Away
Dreaming My Life Away
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Dreaming My Life Away


I want to believe,

In the world outside my dreams,

but it's falling apart,

Nothing's what it seems.

There are monsters all around us,

everybody knows this,

But the monsters that surround us,

are hidden in our closest.

I want to trust this world,

And belive me i tried,

but the only time that i feel safe is

When i close my eyes.

I'm 15,

going on 30,

19 and dreaming my life away.


going to be 60,

13 and can't find the words to say.

I'm stuck dreaming my life away.

My head is in the clouds,

Guess the sky is the limit.

From this view the world,

is not one i want to live in.

I'd rather say i'm dreaming,

when i'm looking at the world,

but my eyes are open,

and the horrors i see are real.

So i'll dream of better places,

get lost inside my mind,

you can try to save me,

but i'll be hard to find.

i'm 14,

going to be 20,

85 and i'm lost in my own head.

8 now,

going to be 40,

16 and letting go of what they said.

i can hear them talking,

the world is going blind,

children are starving,

people are dying.

They tell me i'm lost,

that i expect to much.

Is it wrong to dream,

when the world's so out of touch?

i'm 92,

soon to be 18,

35 and can't seem to find my way.


going on 50,

15 and dreaming of better days.

I'm right here, and dreaming my life away.


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15 May, 2017
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1 min
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