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By esme

I had a dream, I dont know how i had this dream, but i had it all the same.....
dreames scare me, they are memories, visions of your experiances in your life,
i amk scared.
so fucking bloody scared.
i never want to dream, my life is dreadfull, i never want to remember my past, but when i dream i can not help but suffer threw my memories. i will let you into my world, i will let you have a little peack. just promise you will not get pulled in too far and forget yourself in there.

this dream was different this dream was.....................................................

when i was a young boy, small red head and a big temper, my class went to do a test in a old fooball stadium. i was exited, i loved football, the stadium loonmed over the yellow bus that my class rushed out of screaming with delight. but i was scared. i ran up to the walls of the stadium, they seemed to be alive, they pulsed under my stubby small fingers like a heart beat. They were all cracked and all the paint was flacking off into my hand, and black gunk squiged under my fingers and i felt like i was going to baarf.
we were all sitting down on the dusty floor in a changing room, a uv light shined yellow light on the pulsing strange walls, and made my class mates look like zombies.
now you have to remember i didnot know this was a dream, i was too young and stupid to remember that i fell asleep on the couch watching Zombiland.
The teacher, Miss Roheen, handed out our test sheets, but she gave ME the awnser sheet, i did not mind failing a test, but that would mean i would have to get ditention and stay ALONE in this room while my class mates went out and played FOOTBALL.
every one else did the test exept me. Miss Rosheen asked everyone to pass up the tests after about half an hour, i was scared. i didnot pass mine up.
Then i started to need to desperatly go pee, but everyone else was on the buss now, i missed it by a second. i was alone, in the living football stadium.
there was doubble doors to my left and the walls were closing in on me, of course anny little boy would screem for his mommey. i ran like wieldfire threw these doubble doores but that allerted these huge lions with blood dripping out of there mouth, i did not see them i hered there horble rore, loud, it shattered my head and my brain vibrated like a buzzing hornets nest.
i was outside now, i dont know how i killed the beast and got outside, i mabey tellaported? just mabey i did.
it was cold, frost was forcing itself into my lungs and i tried to breath. there was a green infront of me it was protected by a stone wall. i stood on a winding pavement and a pub was behind me. i could hear my dad, drinking his famaly into a homless center. A red car came driving along the road that twisted like a snake infront of me, the car abruptly stopped and the hazzed window wouned down to reveal a blond haired woman, she was beautifull, her breasts were huge like coconuts and her face like an angels. "boy, you wanna lift?" she said in a loud unexpected robotic voice. i did need a lift so i got in the posh big car. there was a young girl in the back seet, her face covered by a hood. the car started to drive, the beautifull woman who looked like my mom when she braught men home, my mom would take them into the sitting room and some time later come out with a lot of cash. the man would leave then.
This woman, looked me in the eye when she talked to me she turend around and said "you will have to have brandy on your serial when you get up", when i get up/ what was she saying? was i staying the night at her house?
she did drive to her house after all, it was big, just like there car. it was white and in the middle of a forrest.
a tall fat man stood in the doorway to the house, his tummy filling up all the with of the doorway, i guessed he was the womand husband.
we got out of the car, the little girl, she was my age looked at me, her green eyes pearcing my mind. "do you want to ride on bicks with me?" she asked, here long black hair blowing in her face, "yeah......" i said. she gestered to a black bike and a pink one, i went over to the black bike, "no you have the pink one because the black one is mine!" she yelled and pushed me to the ground, i yelled too as i hit the gravel.
"you brat " i screamed, but before she could reply we both heard shouting from the nabours, they were arguing because the son had raped his mom, i gasped, i was looking at myself shouting at my mom. i was looking at myself shouting at her and watching her cry as she tore out her hair.
The girl looked down at my feet a bag lay at my feet, it was heavy as a horse. we turned it over so we could open it, what we found made my heart brake, it was my moms money. The brat girl looked up at me, her eyes Red as a lazer.
she was hiding a knife in her panties, she put her hand down in her pants and grabbed it, she pointed it at me and said for me to scram, when her mom and fat fuck of a dad came runnung she threw the knife at them and woonded there hearts, but they wew not dead. no, she wanted me to die.
the knife slipped out of herbloody hand by mistake, i took that chance to run like hell.

a phew houres later the rich bich and her rich famaly ran after me into the woods, there hands full with slaying tools.
they came apon a playgroung, theycame out of the dence fores i had been hiding in. but not anny more. The dad bent down and lifted a huge peace of wood up, he found loads of wellies, shoes and bags, they started to serch for my bag, and when they found it they tore it apart with there claws.
"i remember he did not wash his stupid puney bag. but this is his bag!" the dad said in a sneere, he pulled out my rainbow corcely knitted hat it was my most prised posession, they fucking RIPPED it appart!
the rich bitch and her famaly went into a shop with maggots hanning from the walls and found me, next to a supermax stall. they grabbed me, and ripped at my shirt. they were hells demons under the glowing light of the supermax stall.

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About This Story
22 Feb, 2011
Read Time
5 mins
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