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MistyJJPAmber Jones
4 Reviews

A little girl danced around a small area of grass, her coral pink dress flowing gently as she moved. She sang along to a rather catchy melody accompanied by the most enthralling baseline. A smile split her face as her voice carried, loud and angelic. The only thing odd about the picture was that the little girl had her eyes closed, squeezing them so the sides of her face were pinched.

When she opened her eyes she found herself standing in a rather dull area surrounded by several gray buildings. Badly dressed people milled about as if the entire weight of the world rest upon their shoulders, their faces ashen and streaked with dirt.

The little girl was no longer wearing a dress, but rather badly fitting clothes that hung to her unnaturally thin frame. Dirt streaked her face versus a luminous smile. The girl wasn’t singing or dancing, in fact, she seemed withdrawn. But why? I watched as the little girl gave me a look of abandonment with those sad and unlively caramel brown eyes before the dream faded.

Author Notes: This was a VERY short story, sorry. It was for one of my Psychology projects and I thought it was a rather intriguing entry. So, I thought I'd share it.

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Amber Jones
About This Story
7 Jan, 2019
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<1 min
4.8 (4 reviews)

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