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drown to hell !

drown to hell !

By sweetmoon

Going to hell

“Go to hell”, Kamiki scream at me as we finish our lunch at school, right when we had started high school. I meet her back in elementary school when she was a devil and I was an angel. We both work for the leader of all, the god. Thou god did not like Kamiki for been the daughter the devil, yet god knew that she was really important. Kamiki was a person who was strong, she had the power of changing into different person and also had the power of killing something just by thinking about it. As for me been the daughter of god, I had the power of controlling everything on earth, even humans.

It was my 17 birthday when she scream at me, telling me to go to hell. I smile gently at her as she walk away. Even thou Kamiki had a bad attitude, I knew there was a sweet part of her. Later that day, I waited for her in front the school that had a big sign that say “ Heaven’s high school”. It was a school for humans, but as usual, Kamiki and I had to protect them. Ten
Seconds later, Kamiki appear with her long hair that touch the bottom of her knees and with her green dark eyes. She look at me and stop “ we are not going home today”, her voice sounded mad. “how come?” I ask as my long dark curly hair blow with the wind. “ today is your birthday , we have to do something. Either way I don’t feel like going home tonight”, she said one more time as she walk away. Soon I was walking along with her. The night turn dark and I heated that so I made some stars come along so it could be more beautiful. We stop in front of a park. It was empty but Kamiki just stood there looking at the moon. “Do you think….this is worth it?”, Kamiki said in a low tone as a tear fall down her cheek. I smile as I run thro the beautiful wet grass the touch my black shinning boots. “ look at all this beauty, it is the worth it”. She look at me mad with a look that say” I don’t care”

( I am sweet moon, the author of all the stories I wrote, if you like them please contact me on face book at [email protected], so I can keep writing knowing people like my stories ^^ thank you!)

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26 Oct, 2010
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2 mins
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