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Drowned Girl
Drowned Girl

Drowned Girl


A young girl around the age of fifteen was staying home alone for the first while her parents had gone out for the night, she had begged them to let her stay home for the first time. The parents told her yes, for they would be gone for only three hours, the girl was ecstatic and hugged and thanked her parents and told them she loved and to be safe. After her parents left, she had made some popcorn and grabbed some soda and watched her favorite horror movie. She started the movie and as she began watching it, she began to hear noises from upstairs, she checked every room upstairs and the sounds had stopped. She go back downstairs and watched the movie, she heard the sounds again this it was calling her name she heard it and shook because it gave her the willies, this time the voices got louder and more growing more intense, she went upstairs again checking it out she found and heard nothing, it's like whatever this was that was doing this is taunting her, and she was growing tired of it. She went downstairs and watched her movie; the sounds grew louder yet again she go up and checkout and would find nothing. The girl grew tired of this and she called her parents and told them what was going on, but they told her it was her imagination and passed off as nothing and told her to be strong they would home soon. The girl grew tired of being interrupted from her movie and went upstairs to take a bath and go bed, she grabbed her clothes and her undergarments, her radio, and her favorite book. As she is grabbing her things, she feels an evil, negative presence, she continues on to the bathroom and ignores what she's feeling just shrugging it off. She begins filling the bathtub, in her room she is being watched she could feel eyes on her again, she turn around and nothing was there. After the tub is filled she crawls in the tub making herself comfortable, she tuns the radio and puts on her favorite station and begins reading her favorite book, after twenty-minutes or so of reading she dozes off unaware of what is about to happen next, the thing that has been toying with her all night is about to get her, first it forms as a black, thick mist before transforming revealing it; s true form some kind of demon creature, it crept quietly across the floor trying not to wake it's victim, the shadow it casted off the walls made it look more eerie and scary, as makes its way over to the tub, it reaches out it's long creepy arms and reaches into the tub slowly pushing the girl under the soapy water holding her down until all the life drained out of her, she took her last breath as the bubbles reached the surface of the water. The demon smiled so creepily like it was satisfied by taking this young girl's life. After watching the dead girl lay in the water it slinks off into the dark and disappears into a wall. Two hours later the parents come home not aware that their daughter is dead upstairs, they begin calling her name over and over, they check every room of their house and nothing, the parents are worried and panicked thinking the worst, the mother checks the bathroom while the father is in his daughter’s room. The mother let's out a blood curdling scream, and faints on the floor the father rushes in to see what the commotion was, he finds his daughter in the bath tub, He pulls her out cover her naked body with a towel and begins cpr, but it's too late, she's gone.

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About The Author
About This Story
16 Jul, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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