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By Lauren<3

Drowning. The young teens are drowning. Their downing in a sea of sorrow not knowing if they will make it out alive. They try to reach out, they try get help but when ever they do it gets dismissed as attention seeking. They are made invalid. Yet they have mad it though another day, with you not knowing that thoughts that rush though their heads. They lock their bedroom door and then the floor starts coming. They are drowning, they are drowning in a sea of sorrow not knowing if they will get out alive

The days are long and their eyes are heavy trying find a reason to stay alive, they make it though another day you not knowing what’s going though there heads. They draw in silver but it comes out red. No one to congratulate them, no one to understand them, no one to say there proud of them. So they light another cigarette then another then another then another trying to find Comfort. They down the bottle of alcohol that’s lays beside them trying to forget their trouble. They fall asleep with tears running down their face and I’m the morning they look in the mirror, pull their sleeves down and put a smile on their face but little dose anyone know. Today will just be like yesterday, just like drowning

Author Notes: I write this is 10 minutes in my english class dont come for me

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2 May, 2021
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1 min
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