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By EscapeThePain123

i was Driving home on Christmas eve, bringing gifts for my 22 year old son an my wife. the roads were icy, not too mention a few people were even drunk while driving. i on the other hand, was on my way home from work. i waited at the stop light, an then drove through the green light. i saw something out of the corner of my eye, an instantly turned to see what it was. right as i turned, i felt pain in the whole right side of my body. my car had been flipped, and moved, atleast 40 feet. i slowly crawled out of my car, ignoring the pain i felt. i reached for my phone, but all i could see was a bright light. the light was blinding my vision, i couldn't see what i was dialing. i just gave up. i heard sirens. but all i could think about was my family. the minute i awoke, i looked around. i saw only the doctor. the clock read 9am, but it still felt like 8pm. the doctor was shocked at my awakening. i tried to move, but i couldn't get my legs to function? the doctor then explained, i lost ability in both legs. it'd be a miracle if i could even walk again. i asked where my family was an he told me they had to leave due to the visiting hours. he then left the room but before he did, he wished me a merry christmas. then another man walked in, tears in his eyes. he looked firmiliar? but i couldn't quite remember him, since the crash cause my memory to fade. as he walked to me, he cried even harder an said... "im so sorry dad...i'll never drink again...".

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9 Dec, 2011
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1 min
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