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By puppy


Puppy and two of her friends Vicky Dragonfly and Daisy Penguin were waiting for their other two friends, outside the school yard

"If they're not here in five minutes I say we ditch them. I don't want to miss the beginning of Eagle Birdy, I heard that today he's going to battle" He's number one enemy Fox---" Daisy began

"Dunkley!" Tommy Cub cried out from behind her

"Where have you guys been? We've been waiting out here for you for the last twenty minutes" Daisy frowned

"Sorry, I had to grab something from my locker and it won't open" Sammy Turtle

"Oh, well we better hurry if we're going to get to Puppy's house before the show starts" Vicky added adjusting her book bag

A few minutes later the gang was hurrying to get to Puppy's house. When they turned the corner on her street they noticed. That there was a moving van parked inside the driveway next to her house

"Looks like you're getting new neighbors Puppy," Vicky told her. As they watched a thin boxer pleading with the movers

"Please, gentlemen, be very careful with this stuff"

"Hey don't worry mister, we've been doing this for a very long time" One of the movers answered him

"Yah, about an hour or so! The other mover added laughing. The boxer groaned at the movers bad jokes. He was about to go back inside the house. When he noticed the gang slowly approaching the moving van

"Well hello kids" He smiled

"Hi. My name is Puppy, I' m your new neighbor and these are my friends Daisy, Vicky, Sammy and Tommy" Puppy smiled back

"Well it's very nice to meet you kids, I'm Mr. Crow"

"So are you moving in? Sammy asked him

"Nah! Sammy, they're just getting ready to have a really big yard sale" Tommy smirked. A fluffy poodle walked up and joined them

"Hi, honey, who are your new friends? She asked

"This is Puppy, and her friends. Puppy is our new neighbor" He answered her. The poodle was about to answer him when one of the movers rushed out of the house and cried out

"Let's hurry up Todd, let's just toss these boxes inside. I don't want to be here all day!

"Did he just say toss? Mr. Crow whined

"Umm, excuse us kids; we better see what's going on" Mrs. Crow told them. Before she and her husband hurried up their walk way

"Wow! Did you see the look on his face? Daisy laughed

"Yah, I thought he was about to have a heart attack or something" I feel bad for him I think we should help them out? Vicky told them

"Are you nuts? We'll miss the show if we help them out" Tommy frowned. Vicky looked inside the moving van and then added

"There's not a lot of stuff left it'll only take a couple of minutes"

The gang put down their book bag and started working on unloading the rest of the stuff. Inside the moving van

"Hey Sammy, need any help with that thing? Tommy asked him

"No, I got it just tell me when I reached the end of the ramp" Sammy answered

"Excuse me, but what do you think you kids, are doing? Please put that down" an annoyed voiced cried out

"It's okay Mrs. Crow, I got---. But when Sammy went to step off the ramp, he missed and fell backwards. Causing the stuff duck that he was carrying to be caught on the edge of the ramp. And ripping a big hole on the side of it

"Oh dear! Are you alright? Mrs. Crow cried out as she ran over towards him

"Yah, but I'm sorry I can't say the same thing about your duck, maybe I can get my mom to stitch---

"Oh wow! Is that money coming out the side of it? Tommy's outburst interrupted Sammy

"Money? Mr. Crow asked joining his wife

"Sammy, accidentally ripped a big hole on your stuff duck and money came flying out of it" Tommy explained

"Oh! That's not money, that's the inside stuffing of the duck" Mr. Crow laughed

"Green stuffing? Tommy frowned. A voice yelling from behind them interrupted

"I said drop that and give me a hand!"

"Oh great, what now? Mr. Crow sighed then rushed up the driveway followed by his wife. Puppy looked over to her friends and could tell that each of them was thinking. The same exact thing there's something very weird about my new neighbors

The next day Puppy and her mother were inside the local bank. And while she waited for her mother to finish talking to the teller. She spotted her new neighbor Mrs. Crow, talking to one of the security guards Fish Rocky. Who looked nervous when she handed him a big yellow envelop over to him. Then after talking for a few more minutes they both went their separate ways

"That was pretty weird I wonder what was in that envelope she gave him. Oh wow! Just wait until the gang hears about this! She thought to herself

"I bet it was some sort of pay off money" Tommy told them after hearing Puppy's story

"Pay off money? Sammy frowned

"Tommy, why would Mrs. Crow, be giving him an envelope of money? That really doesn't make any sense" Daisy stated

"Don't you guys, get it? The Crows are bank robbers! Tommy cried out

"Oh please"

"No, really they probably just did a job someplace that's why they freaked out when we saw that toy duck." They hide the stolen money inside of it and thought it'd be safe. Now they're going to rob our bank and need Mr. Rocky to help them pull it off. That's why she paid him" Tommy explained

"Umm I don't know Tommy that sounds pretty for fetched" Sammy said scratching his head

"Yah Tommy, I don't think that Mr. Rocky would agree to do something like that" Vicky added

"Hey! I hate to believe it myself but what else would've been inside the envelope? Tommy shrugged

"I hate to agree with him. But for once he's making some sort of sense" Daisy stated

"Okay, let's say for now that it's all true what now? We're going to need some real proof if anyone is going to believe us" Not just a bunch of hunches' Puppy told them

"Well why we starting tomorrow don't keep a real close eye on them," Tommy suggested

A few days later the gang met inside their clubhouse to compare notes

"We've been following the Crow for the last couple of days and all they've done. Is gone to work and to the print shop" Vicky sighed

"Yah talk about having an exciting life! Sammy laughed

"Okay, let's go try something else let's split up we'll go see Mr. Owl, and you girls question Mr. Rocky. And see what we come up with hopefully if we press them hard enough" They might spill out a clue that will help us nab them" Tommy explained

The next morning while the girls were talking to Mr. Rocky, the boys entered Mr. Owl's print shop

"Hi boys! What can I do for you? Jill Fox smiled

"Umm is Mr. Owl around? Sammy answered her

"Oh, I'm sorry but you just missed him by a few seconds he just left for his annual vacation." And won't be back until next week is there's something that I can help you with? Jill explained

"No, thanks that's okay, we just needed to ask him a few questions but it can wait" Tommy answered. Before he pulled Sammy out the front door

The boys hurried back to their clubhouse and told the girls what they found out

"Why did he decide to go on vacation now? He never takes a vacation so early he usually waits until Christmas to take it" Vicky frowned

"Yah we thought that was pretty weird too" Sammy agreed. "So how did you girls make out? He added

"Well we didn't Mr. Rocky only laughed at us" Daisy sighed

"So you didn't even get to ask him about the envelope? Tommy asked

"Oh yah! He told us that the Crow make phony money they took his picture and then put it on a fake dollar bill. "He thought it'd be a goofy present to give his wife for her birthday" Daisy explained

"Maybe we were wrong about this whole thing, maybe they're not bank robbers after all" Sammy shrugged. Puppy ran inside the clubhouse holding up a metal plate and cried out

"Guess what? Tommy was right! Look what I found while I searched their garbage cans last night!

"What's that? Daisy asked

"I think it's one of those money plates there was a whole bunch of them inside a plastic bag" So this means—Puppy began

"That the Crow aren't only going to rob the bank but they're going to replace the money with their fake money" And nobody will ever know the difference until it's too late! Daisy cried out

"So now what? Nobody's going to believe that we've counterfeiters living in our town" Sammy asked

"Hey I know why don't we go talk to Amy Bunny, she wrote an article about counterfeiters last week." Maybe she can give us some advice on how we can solve this case" Daisy suggested

The next afternoon they went to see Amy, from the local newspaper office. And after she heard the whole story she asked the gang

"Oh wow! Have you guys told the cops about this?

"No, if we told them now they'd probably only laugh at us" Tommy answered her. "We need some real proof before we go talk with them"

"Yah, you're probably right so how can I help you? Amy asked

"We need you to tell us how they operate" Puppy answered her

"Okay well for starters, that metal plate that you found Puppy, is the base of the whole operation" That's how they make their money, maybe you guys can get the chief to get a search warrant." And have them search their house or something" Amy shrugged

"Interesting" Puppy said. While she continued writing in her notebook

"Okay, meet us back in the clubhouse in about hour" Vicky told them once they were back outside

"Why? Where are you guys going? Sammy asked her

"I don't think that the Crow magically appeared I think they're the ones that Amy, wrote about in her article" Vicky frowned

"Oh here we go" Sammy smirked "Maybe we should just go to the police"

"With what proof? Tommy added

"What about the metal plates that Puppy, found those should count for something" Daisy shrugged

"That's what we'll soon find out come on ladies" Vicky told them

A few hours later the boys arrived at the clubhouse

"Wow! I can't believe that they're not back I ----. A voice coming from behind them interrupted

"Hello boys, I believe that you and your friends have something that belongs to me"

"I don't know what you're talking about we don't have anything that belongs to you" Tommy growled at Mr. Crow

"It's not nice to take things that don't belong to you. Now why don't you just return it and we'll forget this whole thing ever happened" Mr. Crow growled back. Sammy was about to answer when a voice cried out

"Okay Crow, hold it right there! A voice from behind them ordered. They all turned around to find the chief of police along with the girls standing by the door way

"Oh chief, there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding we were just—

"Just save the excuses Crow, these young ladies already filled me in. On what kind of misunderstanding you're all having" The chief of police frowned

"Oh for heaven's sakes! You really don't believe them do you? Mr. Crow smirked

"Do yourself a big favor Crow, and quit the innocent act. We've already searched your house and found the rest of your fake stash and their plates" The chief answered him

Mr. Crow was so confused and shocked that he just gave himself up. A couple minutes later they left

"Well it looks like we showed him that when it comes to solving crimes. The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club will never be fooled; will never quite and will always catch their guys! Puppy laughed

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006

Author Notes: working on fixing grammer problems feed back appricated

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