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Dusk till Dawn
Dusk till Dawn

Dusk till Dawn

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Meeting you is one of the worst mistakes of my life. Walking down that path that day was really wrong. My grandma used to say that "Stay away from addicting drugs" and I thought that she meant those addictive substances made from the lab but she never say to stay away from addictive ones with dark eyes, red lips, beautiful smile, and is made from heaven. That day I fell for a girl after vowing to never fall to a girl since I saw what my mother did to my dad. But that day in the cafe was the stupid day I fell for you. You stayed there for an hour then you left but sadly you never left my mind. I was there staring at you thinking about who are you and why am I feeling something like this.

I don't believe in love at first sight. That is really stupid. People "falling in love" just because they saw something superficial like looks, ass, eyes, and abs or what not. That isn't love at all. I may be a man but for me love isn't something so shallow that it's only about the surface of one's skin and never about the deep connection about souls. But that day I thought maybe shit really happens. I liked you. Maybe it was not love yet but I really liked you. And I hope to see you some time soon.

And a week after that day when I was left there in daze and in awe of your beauty I saw you again -- at school. I never heard of the name Dawn Serendipity Medina until that very day. I'm not very social so I don't spend much time meeting people at school so I was there standing in front of you with my mouth wide open when Derrick introduced the writer's Guild to our Threater Group. I'm an actor and apparently you are our playwright. I felt stupid staring at you while you just stare at me like it was nothing. Your eyes are really something. It feels like I'm staring right into an abyss of burning liquid flame flowing smoothly like waves-- Chaotic yet Serene.

"Bro this will be our Head Director and also the playwright for our play "Dusk til Dawn" ..." I was pretty sure Derrick was saying more about you being a very skilled director and the head of the writer's guild and other things about you but in the exact moment I was really enjoying the staring game that we were having. I'm good at pretending that's why I'm the Vice President of the Theatre Group so I was there pretending that looking at our eyes isn't fazing me at all but you on the other hand just stood there never breaking eye contact.

"Bro? Should I introduce you or you gonna do it yourself" Derrick interupted as I was falling deeper and deeper into the void named Serendipity.

"Hi, I'm Dawn" You said breaking the awkward silence after Derrick's line. You held out your hands in front of me. You are way smaller than me in build but your presence is way bigger than both me and Derrick.

"Hi, I'm Dusk." I said as I shook your hands. Your hands which are small and soft , and would soon hold my heart then rip it al apart.

Author Notes: This isn't done yet. I'm having problem with phrasing things. This is a story about a broken man and the girl he that could fix him. Let me know if you think I should go on or just stop all this at once. please.

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1 Jul, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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