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A Dying Star
A Dying Star

A Dying Star

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I miss them. I miss my friends, I miss my life. I miss who I was. I trudged through the streets while the rain poured down on me, soaking all my clothes. My money, my family, my reliance, all gone. The lights of the town reflected on the splash-filled puddles underneath. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t care. A little light show was a small attempt to fill a hole bigger than the Earth.

I reached home and slowly unlocked the door. I wouldn’t be able to dry myself off, they took away my towels. The fridge door flew open as I searched for something to eat. I was already out. I lumbered upstairs, only to find my bedroom barren of any furniture. I walked in, closed the door, and cried.

They took everything from me. One deal was all it took. I needed a small change in votes. A slight nudge. I didn’t think it would cost everything. First a slight drain on the money. Then an uncle gone. Slowly, the consequences increased until I didn’t have anything left to give them. Leaked footage of the deal burst into view afterwards. That’s when they came down. It wasn’t something I could give anymore, now it was something taken. My mom. My money. My life. Who I was just got flushed down.

“YOU OWE US CHERRY!” A man downstairs kicked down the door and yelled around the house. I stopped crying and quietly hid in the closet. I hear his footsteps slowly make their way up the stairs.

“You cannot just hide. I know you are here.” He opened my bedroom door and walked in. I heard the slight thuds of his footsteps on my carpet. Tears instinctively started to come down my face. He flung open the closet door to see me curled up in the corner crying.

“I- It wasn’t my fault.” I managed through the tears. I didn’t care.

“We gave you what you needed, but we never got anything back. We relied on you, you failed us. You are just another dying star.” He cocked his pistol and aimed it at my head.

“A supernova.” He spoke. The last words I would ever know. I closed my eyes.


Author Notes: Heyo! All credit for this has to go to Lollipop_56, or Faith. She gave me the idea, I expressed it. I hope you enjoyed it though! Feel free to be critical, I can take brutal response. Also, I want to try to write new genres, so gimme some ideas! Lollipop_56, if you're reading this, I might use a couple more of your ideas :P OH! Thank you all of my readers. I hit 1,000 views recently and I don't think that's much but it means a lot to me. Thank You!

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1 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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