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EJ X Male! Nerd! Reader

EJ X Male! Nerd! Reader

By Tobes_the_Terminator

"To be… or not to be… that is the question."

"What?" EJ asked the smaller male in front of him as he raised an eyebrow under his mask.

Y/n shrugged, pushing up his glasses that where about to fall off his nose. "Shakespeare."

"I know it's Shakespeare, Y/n… just what are you 'to be or not to being'?"

Humming, Y/n thought about it. "No clue… mayhaps I'm just doing it for no reason."

Y/n leans his chin on his propped up arm. He was always good at hiding his feelings from people; especially EJ. Since Y/n came to the mansion and saw EJ he knew he liked- no- loved EJ. The way he operated on his fellow family members when they were in need; the way he ran effortlessly through the woods, not making a single noise; his lean, but muscular buil- "Y/n?"

Y/n snapped out of his daze, EJ's hand waving in front of his face. Y/n's face became a deep red as he looked ahead at EJ, making out a small crack in his mask he always wore unless going to bed. "Sorry, Jack." He mumbled, both index fingers going together.

EJ ruffled Y/n's hair, chuckling. "Would you like to go read a book with me?" He asked sweetly, like he was talking to a younger child.

Y/n nodded quickly, grinning from ear to ear like a stupid toddler. He had two of his favorite things now. EJ and a book.


The two sat in EJ's room, taking turns reading paragraphs of the book they were reading, called 'Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe. EJ had an arm wrapped around Y/n's shoulders, Y/n leaning against him. Another thing that EJ had done that absolutely shocked Y/n was take his mask off. They were about halfway done with the book when Y/n looked up at EJ.

EJ looked down at Y/n, a hum escaping his lips. "Yes?"

Y/n just smiled, looking back down at the book, cuddling closer to the eyeless male. EJ glanced at the book, shutting it with a sigh. Y/n looked up at him with a confused look plastered on his face. "Why'd you clo-"

EJ cut him off by smashing his lips into Y/n's. Hyperventilating, Y/n's eyes widened. EJ felt a sting of pain in his chest as he pulled away, looking down at the mattress under them. "I'm so sor-"

Y/n pulled EJ into a hug, lightly placing his lips on the latter's. EJ felt the black tar ooz down his cheeks as he kissed back, hugging him tighter. They stayed in that position, kissing for Slender knows how long until EJ pulled away. "You have no idea how much I wanted that." He mumbled, hiding his face in the crook of Y/n's neck.

Y/n blushed, pushing his glasses up and kissing EJ's forehead.

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28 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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