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Elements 4
Elements 4

Elements 4


Elements 4
The feeling of a flame licking over your body through the winters night
passing over muscle and fiber
winding its way into my core setting my heart on fire,
sending waves of heat through my veins my body is on fire now consumed by the need,
The need for warmth and calm, in a world of dark and wet
to take a single step into the heart of flames to pass through one boundary to another.
Leaving a weary world of sadness for the glow of light,
the heat runs like lava forcing through me without a care, not stopping, running all the way to my brain.
The weight of doubt fades from my mind being burned away by strength,
it is a constant battle between the shadow and the flame, like a candle that dances in the wind
the flame is reascending now that the fuel is gone dropping down to the ashen insides from which my core resides, my husk now devoid of passion fades and sags collapsing onto the ground and the last flickering of light dies.

Roots shoot up pushing through my toes tickling my bones and weave a binding so intricate I feel the universe coursing through me.
She greets me as an old ally that once walked the same path as her and at a divergence, we chose different paths,
Just for them to join up in the end anyway, the budding leaves tower over me now, my body wholly gone,
yet the spark remains.
I watch over the new life that came from the old, not able to part with it feeling grounded to that spot,
so she leaves letting me guard the new life that she has given me,
while watching, my eyes fall heavy and a dream appears before me,
Of people running around me, with joy coursing through there veins, the screams of children laughing as they scale my trunk and sit cross-legged watching the day float by.
I feel content yet ill at ease my dreams is visited my dark clouds and I wake from my dream of sun and fun,
Only to see the sky tree descend from above and it strikes me winding through all of my bindings of earth and life rendering me to dust.

Now little more then specks I leave my old friend against my will for I must look after my charge until the end where ever it travels.
I scatter across the world skimming across the clouds I pass others on the same journey as me,
yet their wills are deep in slumber for they are never to wake up again they have moved forwards and passed this world by,
my will is still strong for this world has more to offer then it ever has, as dust I begin to enjoy myself again, going where the wind takes me.
Seeing life flourish below me and die I feel more than I ever did when I was alive,
I never grow tired of the breezes whispers of things just around the corner, seeing caves as large as mountains, and life as gentle as a babe.
After the breeze has taken me around the world again I ask her to let me fall and to let me join her sister the rain,
she swirls around me begging me to stay that more was out there to appreciate, I knew what she said was the truth, that I could be with her forever but my time was up the earth wanted me back for one last task
the wind with howls of sorrow swirled around me and held on for as long as she could but she knew she could not stay
For the world called her to do her job to govern fate.

Her sister came and added me into her fold that was still light and fluffy,
and as time went one we grew bigger and bigger and I learned many things from the rain they spoke of depths so dark yet filled with wondrous light from the strange and wonderful,
of the joy of falling and landing onto the earth, of joining up with others to form mighty cascades that thunder through the earth carving their path back to the sea that is full of mystery,
we grew fatter and denser and everyone stopped talking the was a sense of something to come,
I did not know what but I was passed through the haze to the center,
the sister was ready now she was full and need to let us all go she kissed each of us, as she did so we started to shake uncontrollably faster and faster my spark was growing now and I was joined up with others we came together and she gave her last goodbye and we shot through the sky faster than the wind,
we were so bright and beautiful that we could only exist for a moment, as it faded I traveled through the earth through water and fire through caves so open and bare and came to rest on her lap and she looked and smiled and welcomed me home, once more

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About This Story
3 Apr, 2019
Read Time
4 mins
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