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12 30 2017
That was when my best friend passed
Ironicaly we would always joke what'd be our demise
weather jumped in the alleyway
or brutally murdered
perhaps aliens would abduct us
or the apocolypse would subdue us
just never thought it'd happen
that one of us would pass

The guy was erratic and dramatic
He could crack a joke that you wouldn't laugh at normally
but somehow he makes you need to supress it
was it that goofy smile?
or perhaps it was just a knack he had
while he was living that was one of the greater mysteries

We could have been brothers
if it wasn't for different mothers
if we ever disagreed we'd have been amazed
that we could find such a thing
we could pull body doubles without any troubles
well unless you knew either one of us that is

When he passed one of his buddies got a hold of me
I couldn't believe his words nor would i forget them
"Hey, uh Elias is dead. He got hit by a car on the 27th. Pronouced dead today,"

I played it off as a joke
denial I guess.
Did a bit of research out of disbelief
made me wish I hadn't
for it was true
Cause there was a fundraiser for the family to give him a good burial

Few days after that realization the buddy messaged about his memorial service
turns out he left quite a mark at our catholic school
I headed on down right away
just wish i could say i felt anything beside what I had
just swirling anger akin to boiling water
directed at my self for not having other emotions like grief or sadness
besides pity for those who barely knew him

The loss of a friend is unexpected
Treasure the relationships you have now
They won't last forever
so never take them for granted

Author Notes: In case you missed the description this is a true story.
Always will appreciate reviews since they help me get better.

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21 May, 2018
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