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Elizabeth was a wonderful child, and her family was adored by all throughout her neighborhood. Her father was a preacher, and her mother was the GM at a hotel. They were a very close family, her mother always taking her out to the park, and her father always cooking with her when her mom couldn't.

Recently, her father started going out hunting with his friends, so her mom got him a new gun for Christmas. Elizabeth had never seen a real gun, she had only seen the Nerf guns the boys played with at school. So this gun isn't any different, right? It's a toy.

It was late that Christmas night after her mom and dad had went to bed, and she really wanted to try out her dad's gun, figuring that since it was a toy, she should go outside, and play with it for a while, her dad wouldn't mind. So she walked into the living room, her pajamas trailing across the floor as she waddled over to the box where her dad left the gun where he got it. She lifted it out, and ran into the backyard. She tried shooting, but nothing happened. Confused, she ran back in. She read the instructions. "Put the bullets in, and turn on safety." She mumbled quietly. She heard her parents door open, and she couldn't help but giggle loudly, guiltly that she snuck out of bed. If I'm gonna get in trouble with my mommy, I might as well just scare her first. She figured, and pointed the gun at the hallway. When her mother walked into the hallway, she shot 3 times.

Elizabeth could remember the screaming, oh, the screaming. She was confused at first, until she saw the blood, she dropped the gun, and ran to her mother's side. "Mom!- Mommy, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you, please get up, I'm sorry!" She wailed. She felt her mom's hand weakly grab the side of her cheek, then the hand went cold. Elizabeth cried so much it felt like she was drowning in the mess. She shook her mother, "Mommy! Please wake up! Don't go, m-mom! I'm so sorry!"

Weeks later, her father could barely look at her. Elizabeth felt so awful.

Years later, she was 11. She never tried making friends, she didn't think she deserved any. And for her father, they were never the same, never as close. He always fed her, but nothing more. No more hugs, no more kisses, no more anything. Just a growing mountain of cold, lifeless toys.

She couldn't take it anymore, she was just so tired of feeling the way she did. One day at school, she had taken her dad pills early in the morning. She took all of them, every last one in the girls bathroom, and then she blanked.

She woke up in a hospital, she woke up to her dad. He sobbed when he saw she was awake.

"Oh my god, you're awake." He whispered, and hugged her tightly while she laid in the bed. "I was so scared that I would lose you too." He cried, and she started crying too. "I'm sorry, daddy, it's my fault, I'm sorry. For mom." She looked at him. "No honey, it's not your fault. I can't believe I let you believe that this whole time. It's nobody's fault." Those were the words she always needed to hear, and it hit her like a bat. "B-But.." She trailed off. "Suicide is never the answer. I noticed you were struggling but I did nothing." He whispered. "Elizabeth, I love you. And I'll always be here for you." He said. "...Forever?" She whispered back.

"Forever, Elizabeth. We'll get through this together."

Author Notes: This is the first piece I'm sharing at all- Feedback would be wonderful.

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21 Dec, 2019
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3 mins
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