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By esme

once apon a time, a boy appeared in the town of elvish, his name was Anumin.
he walked threw the dusky sandy town in the deasert and went into a map shop and brought a map. But what Anumin didnt know was he was the wired strange beeing in the town, evryone else were beautifull elves. Anumin went to a lake it was just on the outskerts of the town, its muddy water chilling to the bone. Anumin looked over the lake, it looked very hot over there, all red and you could see the heat.
a movement caught his eye, a small boat floated on the lake, it was tied to the shore by a single peace of therad, someone laughed behind Anumin, he swerved arount to see a pritty lady, she had long ears and amazing eyes. "were you triying to steele?" she asked in a lullaby voice "no" said Anumin. He had stole in his life when nessasery, but never got court before. he was blushing now because someone had caught him out. "i could give you a lift to the other side do you want that? "
"yes of course that would be good" he said, something about this wired lady made him feel uneasy. they both got into the boat and the lady kicked it out into the lake. She started to row and her mussles flext " show off" he thaught. the girl laughed as they came to a hot patch of air in the middle of the lake. "i am not showing off Anumin why would you think that?" the lady asked the gobsmaked Anumin, she liked seeing humans who thaught they were great be dissed. A sudden flash of silver glinted in thelake below the small boat, Anumin froze "did you see that?" he asked the lady. " dont be stupid, i know your trying to change the-" before the lady could finish a huge long mermade jumped out of the murky depths of the lake and grabbed the lady as she went, they both dissapeared under water.
the boat capsised then and the water Anumin fell into was chilling. "were gonna rip you from limb to limb you stupid human" a mermade said as it came up behind Anumin. he screamed then, loud and tried to swimm to shore but the sure was miles away. the lady bobbed up beside Anumin her eyes were blazing and she said some majic words that sounded like gobeldy goop to Anumin, suddenly a huge wave came and carried Anumin and the lady to shore.
They both lay on the red sand and coughed up water, "i also have bissness in this Red Land, i would love to be acompaneed. what do you say human?" the lady asked still lying on her back on the sand. Anumin stood and looked down on the wired lady, do i want to? he thaught, "yes" he said , the lady smiled and got up.
They walked for ages, in the hot sun. "a mile then were there" asid the lady. "will i call you lady or do you have a name?" Anumin asked" i have a name, but you need my trust before you can have it"
"why so uptite?"
"i have my resons, Anumin."
"how do you know my name?"
"you look like you could be an Anumin"
am Anumin was a fruit, much like a straberry exept it was in a nut shell. "oh thats nice of you lady, calling me an Anumin."
said Anumin, the wired lady didnot reply. "were at the dark loards castle now prepare yourself little human." be continued, :)

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About This Story
12 Feb, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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