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Emily ~Season 1: Ep 1:Part 1-Emily and the NeverRight Forest~
Emily ~Season 1: Ep 1:Part 1-Emily and the NeverRight Forest~

Emily ~Season 1: Ep 1:Part 1-Emily and the NeverRight Forest~


The sounds of the wind... As the wind blow between the leaves of the oak trees... As the last tree in the 'NeverRight Forest', the NeverRight tree glows.. They say the queen use to live in the NeverRight tree.. As the NeverRight tree would become her beautiful palace..
Until one day.
Evil shadows came and soon a war had begin... No one knew what happen to Queen Nēvela.. As she banished within the NeverRight tree, taken by the Evil shadows, and taken to the evil king, King Shalloa, and was never seen again... according to legend, she might still be out there.. As she had a baby and told her most trusted soldier to take her baby to the safest place she knew and giving them a note.. Called, 'Earth'.

As a door of a house opened after a press on the doorbell rang, a lady who had opened her door and was left with a surprise, a baby girl in a royalty like basket, in the basket, it had a note, the lady picked up the note and read it.

Note: Please take care of my beautiful baby that I wish I could've taken care of.. Her name is Emily.. Please give her a home here as I can sense you might be a good person.. Please protect her with all cost.

The lady picked up the basket with Emily inside it and brought her inside her home, and treated her as if she was her own.

Years passed and it was Emily's sweet 12th birthday, Emily was excited to finally be 12! Her birthday was also exciting, her birthday theme was beautiful mystical creatures such as Unicorns, Elves, etc, she really loved mystical creatures even if others say they aren't real, when people tell her they aren't real, all she say is,

"If mystical creatures aren't real, so is God, Heaven, and Angels".

She didn't care what they say, she loved them and believed in them, and so goes on the traditional birthday song as she blows the candles out of her mystical creature themed cake. Everyone had a good time partying, eatting cake and icecream, playing games, and so much more.

The Next Day

The next day finally arrived and Emily went outside to play,

'Be back by 5:00 for dinner Emily!',

Says her care taker Ms. Pana as she is holding a plate wiping it off with a towel. Emily turned facing Ms. Pana while running, she waved good bye and shouted,

'Okay mom! I will!',

Emily went to the park after riding on her bike to get there, she got on the swings as soon as she got there, she had fun on the swings, as it makes her feel like she's flying in the air bracing for the sky's. As she was swinging, she saw a shadow move very fast making rustling sounds as it leaves into a nearby forest, Emily's curiously got the best of her, and she went in the forest not knowing what will happen.
As she walked and walked, it felt like hours, she never stopped walking as it felt like the forest never stop going, she then turns around, and it's pitch black behind her, not even a light from the outdoors of the playground, Emily then got a bit freaked out, she looked up at the sky, but there wasn't a happy sky, it was dark clouded, and looked like it was gonna rain. Before she knew it, it had rained, Emily gasped and ran under a big leaf, bigger then herself. She stayed under there and sniffles up tears as she knew she shouldn't have been to curious.

Minutes have past, and Emily was crying, she then heard rustling in the bushes, she gasp and looked that way, she picked up a stick, tall grass, and a sharp rock, using Ms. Pana's safety techniques, she used the tall grass and tied the rock as good as she can to the stick and made a weapon that might last only a few minutes or hours she thought to herself.

She pointed the weapon towards the bushes as if she was a knight in a Fanasty Novel book Ms. Pana use to read for her bed time stories, and before she knew it, something jumped out but was frighten of her, the figure was strange, she was confused and didn't know what it was, the figure was described to look like someone's shadow, but wasn't stuck to the ground, it was like a human, but not a human, it looked like some kind of fox, but Emily's eyesight was blurry, she didn't have a good glimpse of the figure.
The figure just stood their shaking, Emily with her brave self went closer putting out her hand hoping she won't die, the creature didn't move an inch, as Emily got closer, she finally could tell what it looked like to herself, the creature looked like a teenaged wolf, it's fur was black and had grey ancient like marks on it, it's eyes were mysterious, as it had a soft glow on it, the wolf's eyes were a beautiful emerald green, as Emily had gotten fully closer, she laid her hands softly on its head, and softly petted the wolf, the wolf whined in soft pain, Emily then looked at its paw and saw that it had a knife in it!
Following Ms. Pana's safety guides, she took the knife out and used some healthy herbs nearby to make medicine, after finishing the medicine, she grabbed a big leaf the size of its paw but bigger, put the medicine on its wound and wrapped the leaf around its paw, to make the wolf feel more better, Emily kissed it's paw, the wolf slowly snuggled up against Emily, and they both fell asleep together. Peacefully.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed my new series! Thank you for reading! I hope you have a nice day! Be safe, be you, peace!

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22 May, 2021
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